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Knowledge Warehouse Business Case Sample

Large initiatives, such as a knowledge warehouse, require an enormous amount of diligence and research, all of which come together in a business case document. This sample business case will illustrate the types of analysis and modeling your team needs to present to senior management before they can make a decision to green light a project.

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A knowledge warehouse is among the most resource-intensive, potentially business-changing projects your organization can undertake. Before you can make the go / no-go decision on such a massive undertaking, you must complete an enormous amount of diligence, prototyping, financial analysis and business process modeling. All of this work comes together in a business case document.

This sample business case from our partners at gantthead.com covers the complete range of issues involved in the justification of a knowledge warehouse project for a waste water treatment facility. The extensive document can be modified for use as an outline or template, or simply employed as a reference for the kinds of analysis and data that’s required to justify a large-scale project.

Included in this ZIP file are:

  • KnowledgeWarehouseBusCase.doc
  • Intro Doc.pdf
  • Terms and Conditions.pdf