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The "Data Center E-book" examines a wide variety of data center topics. This excerptdetails the benefits of hosted data centers, aswell as the popularity of collocated data centersfor Web hosting in the cloud.

Developed by Siemon, a global leader in data center physical layer infrastructure, network cabling systems and services, Carrie Higbie's "Data Center E-Book: Deploying, Managing and Securing an Efficient Physical Infrastructure" provides actionable information on a wide array of data center topics:

  • Strategies and Considerations for Cloud and Co-location Data Centers Facility Owners and Hosting Providers
  • Strategies and considerations for cloud and co-location data center tenants
  • Point-to-point vs. structured
  • Data center cooling best
  • Intelligence at the physical layer
  • Benefits of screened and shielded cabling

This excerpt, from the chapter "Hosted, Outsourced, and Cloud Data Centers - Strategies and Considerations for Co-Location Tenants," examines the benefits of hosted data centers in terms of capital and employee savings. Higbie also discusses the growing popularity of collocated data centers for Web hosting, SaaS, IaaS and PaaS in the cloud.

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