Blueprint for Cloud-Based eDiscovery

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This framework provides key points and guides decisions in terms of security, risk and cost practices at corporations and law firms bringing eDiscovery in house via the cloud.

Cloud computing has long been used in some parts of eDiscovery. As the market has evolved, cloud computing is challenging on-premise deployments as a serious contender for eDiscovery and compliance needs. But, the prevailing hype and associated noise has made it hard to discern a workable framework for determining if a cloud-based application is the right deployment model. This, in turn, makes choosing a cloud-based application for the purpose of eDiscovery difficult.

CaseCentral's "Blueprint for Cloud-Based eDiscovery" framework provides key points and guides decisions in terms of security, privacy, control, risk and cost practices at corporations and law firms looking to bring eDiscovery in house via the cloud.

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CaseCentral is the leader in secure, cloud-based eDiscovery software for corporations and law firms to simplify and take control of eDiscovery in response to litigation, regulatory inquiries and internal investigations. CaseCentral enables repeatable, defensible and measurable business processes that significantly reduce eDiscovery risk, cost and time. The CaseCentral eDiscovery platform integrates early case assessment, processing, analysis, review and production capabilities, enabling customers to succeed with a single matter and seamlessly migrate to multi-matter, multi-party, multi-repository support within the same software platform. CaseCentral pioneered the use of process analytics, providing real-time measurement of review rates, quality rates and costs per document - by matter, firm or user.

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