Scalability Rules Excerpt

    ‘Scalability Rules’ Excerpt

    Authors Martin L. Abbott and Michael T. Fisher provide 50 proven scalability rules and guidance for applying them. Our excerpt from “Scalability Rules” offers six rules for avoiding unnecessary complexity and simplifying your product.

    Scalability Rules: 50 Principles for Scaling Web Sites” is the easy-to-use scalability primer and reference for every architect, developer, Web professional and manager. Authors Martin L. Abbott and Michael T. Fisher have helped scale more than 200 hypergrowth Internet sites through their consulting practice. Now, drawing on their unsurpassed experience, they present 50 clear, proven scalability rules — and practical guidance for applying them.

    Abbott and Fisher transform scalability from a “black art” to a set of realistic, technology-agnostic best practices for supporting hypergrowth in nearly any environment, including both frontend and backend systems.

    For architects, they offer powerful new insights for creating and evaluating designs. For developers, they share specific techniques for handling everything from databases to state. For managers, they provide invaluable help in goal-setting, decision-making and interacting with technical teams. Whatever your role, you’ll find practical risk/benefit guidance for setting priorities — and getting maximum “bang for the buck.”

    This excerpt is from Chapter One of “Scalability Rules: 50 Principles for Scaling Web Sites,” by Martin L. Abbott and Michael T. Fisher. The book was published by Pearson/Addison-Wesley Professional, May 2011, Copyright 2011 by Pearson Education. For further info please visit the publisher site:

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