Keep Company Data Secure with Strong BYOD Policy Enforcement

    With BYOD now a reality in the enterprise, it’s not uncommon for people to have two or more mobile devices on them at all times, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or all of the above. But with access to all that data comes the responsibility of protecting it. Even though the onus of procuring mobile devices may be up to the individual, it’s still up to you to instill the importance of keeping those devices secure.

    If your employees still aren’t convinced of the gravity of strong security practices, you might want to point them to Sue Marquette Poremba’s recent post on a McAfee study that found Android devices a target for malware. And don’t worry iPhone users, your devices are being targeted as well.

    Below are a just a few of the valuable resources in the IT Downloads library to keep your employees up to date with company policies surrounding BYOD and your company’s data secure.

    Cyber Threats to Mobile Phones: Smartphones’ popularity and relatively lax security have made them attractive targets for attackers.

    The Risks of Using Portable Devices: Organizations should follow these best practices for managing all types of portable devices.

    Using Wireless Technology Securely: Wireless technology is cheap and ubiquitous, but despite recent improvements it still presents security risks. This primer outlines the major risks posed to your corporate network and data by wireless.

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