Guide to Effective Consultant Selection and Contracting

    Guide to Effective Consultant Selection and Contracting

    If you select your consultants wisely, they should be able to hit the ground running on your projects. Use this comprehensive guide to find the best fits for your organization and initiatives.

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    The planning and selection process should prepare the organization to choose the best-fit candidate and allow that candidate to get started quickly and achieve high performance within the shortest learning curve possible.

    The following areas must be addressed: needs of organization, selection criteria, performance measures of consultant and incentives to perform. Part of successful planning in this stage is to determine objective measures of consultant performance based on selection criteria and organizational needs.
    This checklist is designed to help you with:
    • Planning & Selection Strategy
    • Criteria for Consultant 
    • Contracting & SLAs
    Use this guide from to find a perfect consultant fit for your next project.
    Included in this zip file are:
    • Guide_to_Effective_Consultant_Selection.doc
    • Intro Doc.pdf
    • Terms and Conditions.pdf

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