Top Digital Transformation Companies & Services 2022

    If digital transformation is the key to innovation, then digital transformation companies and services are the teeth and notches on the key that make it possible to unlock new opportunities. You could approach digital transformation independently, but leveraging a digital transformation company will give you access to specialized expertise and high-level strategizing you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

    Partnering with one of the companies on this list is a significant investment in your company’s future. As such, your choice requires careful consideration to ensure your long-term success. A large part of this decision is subjective, so you should trust your intuition about whether a particular vendor is a good fit. To start, however, we’ve looked at a few distinguishing features for each of the top digital transformation companies on this list to help guide your decision.

    What is Digital Transformation?

    Digital transformation is a broad IT concept that, in practice, is relative to a business’s unique needs. It’s difficult to pin down a universal definition, but digital transformation generally has the goal of replacing manual processes with digital tools and techniques. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cloud computing, and 5G networking are all within the scope of digital transformation.

    What is a Digital Transformation Consultant?

    A digital transformation consultant (DTC) is a company that will inform and guide the digital transformation process for your organization. There are many different strategies and approaches to digital transformation that can impact your business’s ultimate success, so it’s important to select a DTC that aligns with your core values. 

    Some top considerations to keep in mind when evaluating potential digital transformation consultants include the scope of work you’ll need from them and any specialties they may offer. You should also understand their philosophies around the environmental impact of digital technologies, potential productivity gains and losses, and business resilience, as these factors can play a major role in the long-term efficacy of your digital transformation.

    Digital Transformation Company Comparison

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    Cognizant offers a range of digital transformation services from strategy to managed services. You can also choose from a few unique offerings like workforce transformation and change management. This variety offers organizations the flexibility to add support in more areas as needed. Additionally, Cognizant’s consulting services use human-centered design principles to make data-driven recommendations in real time. Consultants help you orchestrate numerous moving pieces to ensure the long-term scalability and interoperability of your digital transformation tools.

    Distinguishing features

    • Full-service digital transformation support
    • Flexible pricing model
    • Innovative yet accessible and sustainable approach to digital transformation
    • Less optimized for global businesses


    Image of KPMG logo.

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    KPMG’s services can be broken down into four major areas: audit and assurance, tax and legal, advisory, and private enterprise. Its Powered Enterprise solution for rapid modernization helps organizations make digital transformation a way of business rather than a destination. This methodology is invaluable for businesses that want to remain on the cutting edge of new technologies. KPMG’s digital transformation success stories include the City of Amsterdam, Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), SickKids, Spectris, and Team DSM.

    Distinguishing features

    • Diverse service offerings
    • Global network to support international business operations
    • Demonstrated experience with emerging technologies
    • Hands-on consulting approach
    • Less flexible pricing model


    Image of Accenture logo.

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    Accenture’s digital transformation consulting areas include cloud acceleration, data-driven enterprise, intelligent operating models, network-connected services, modern architecture, tech ROI, and orchestration. The company’s digital transformation philosophies focus on optimizing the core of the business rather than implementing surface-level digital solutions. This approach helps organizations stay ahead of digital trends. Prominent Accenture clients include Carnival, H&M Foundation, NASA, and BP.

    Distinguishing features

    • Special focus on 5G-enabled business operations
    • “Engine of growth” mindset that puts financial savings back into technological innovation
    • Ecosystem of tech partners including Atlassian, AWS, Google Cloud, ServiceNow, Splunk, Microsoft Azure, and others
    • In-depth, easy to understand analytics
    • Better for large organizations


    Image of Genpact logo.

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    Genpact’s approach to digital transformation is industry-specific, though it offers many of the same capabilities to all types of businesses. These services include augmented intelligence, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, cloud solutions, customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) transformation, business applications, and managed services. The industry-specific approach is compelling because it addresses the unique needs of different types of businesses. Genpact also offers different products based on desired outcomes, whether it’s a roadmap for transformation or data-driven insights.

    Distinguishing features

    • Solutions delivered via modular platform
    • Specialized in AI-powered automation and analytics
    • Huge network of technology partners
    • Extensive documentation of corporate values and case studies
    • Industry-driven approach
    • More tech-oriented than business strategy-oriented


    Image of IBM logo.

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    IBM is one of the oldest technology companies in the world, and it’s still at the forefront of digital innovation. IBM’s digital transformation consultation services cover analytics, application management, AI, cloud computing, hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, e-commerce, and IT infrastructure. There are also tailored services for specific business needs, like operations, customer experience, marketing, finance, talent management, and supply chain. Digital transformation looks different in each of these areas, so a strategy that captures such nuance can make a significant difference.

    Distinguishing features

    • Specialized in cloud migration, cloud services, and hybrid cloud infrastructure
    • Long-standing reputation for expertise and innovation
    • Full-spectrum IT capabilities 
    • More tech-oriented than strategy-oriented
    • Some customers have warned about complicated contracts with lots of loopholes


    Image of Trianz logo.

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    Trianz’s digital transformation expertise fills the need that exists at the intersection of data, people, technology, and business priorities. Rather than taking a siloed approach to these digital transformation elements, Trianz takes a holistic approach and offers key competencies for cloud platforms, data and analytics, digital experiences, digital applications engineering, IT infrastructure management, and cybersecurity. Trianz also uses a digital transformation benchmarking model that helps organizations visualize where they are, where they want to be, and the steps that need to be taken to bridge that gap.

    Distinguishing features

    • Emphasis on post-digital KPIs
    • Unique digital studio for people-centric digital transformation design
    • Human-oriented design principles that are adaptable and easy to understand
    • Clear vision of data-driven digital transformation pathways and success metrics

    Featured IT Asset Management Software

    1 Zoho Assist

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    Zoho Assist empowers technicians to manage IT assets effortlessly. Automate administrative tasks via script or batch files, control the running status of a program, and view and manage hardware drivers, software, users, groups, and printers, with features like command prompt, task manager, and device manager.

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    Elevate your asset management strategy with and experience streamlined operations, proactive compliance, and unmatched efficiency.

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    How to Choose the Right Digital Transformation Consultant

    Aside from the distinguishing features we’ve listed here, it’s worthwhile to spend some time diving deeper into each digital transformation consultant’s published research and case studies. This can give you considerable insight into their methodologies and approaches to specific problems as well as the kinds of outcomes you can expect for your own challenges. 

    Ultimately, the right digital transformation consultant for your organization is largely a subjective choice. You can compare the service offerings and fee structures of the top choices we’ve listed here, but if you feel that a potential consultant may not align with your priorities or may be difficult to work with, then it’s not the right fit. The resource and financial investment that comes with a digital transformation consultant is not small, so the best choice will offer high-quality service and a true partnership for your organization.

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