Create a PMO to Standardize Project Management Tools and Methodologies

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    The Six Deadly Sins of Project Management Leadership

    Project management has become more than just a supporting role to businesses. For many organizations, it is an integral part of getting things done, and the many tasks associated with managing projects goes beyond the scope of work of a few project management professionals (PMPs). In such cases, enterprises often create a project management office (PMO), which consists of one or more professionals—sometimes a department–who create and maintain standards for project management within the business.

    For organizations that are considering adding PMO functionality to the business, the book, “The Complete Project Management Office Handbook,” makes an excellent reference. It includes a five-stage PMO competency guide that details PMO development at different levels and functionalities. By using this guide, you can identify the best PMO fit for your enterprise.

    This educational publication includes sections on:

    • Project management methodology
    • Standards and metrics
    • Knowledge management
    • Governance
    • Organization and structure

    Also included in the text are detailed processes, checklists, and PMO models.

    The second chapter, “Project Management Tools,” is excerpted in our IT Downloads area. In this chapter, you will learn about the specialized tools that the PMO can use to support and guide project managers in their day-to-day work. Although some of the tools described are automated applications, you will also find some checklists and templates to facilitate PMO functions. According to the text:

    Professional project managers will inherently seek ways to enhance their performance, make project work proceed smoothly, evaluate project information, and manage project team activities. Whereas each project manager will choose tools appropriate for the task at hand, project managers with more experience will likely have developed a selection of preferred tools. Thus, the PMO challenge will be in (1) evaluating the tools that individuals are already using and (2) achieving consensus among project managers for the selection and use of common project management tools that will provide a consistent approach within the project management environment.

    IT executives who are considering the addition of a PMO department or even smaller organizations that seek standardization of project management methodologies and tools would both benefit from this comprehensive documentation. The downloadable excerpt on tools provides precise information on a variety of tools and how to create a consistent, systemized plan for their use among PMPs.

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