Compliance and Risk Assessment Is a Job for Senior IT Auditors

    For many companies, governance and compliance rank among the top duties for the IT organization. To ensure that the company stays on top of all regulations and risks, IT may employ an IT auditor or an IT auditing department. Often, a senior information technology auditor role is key to leading the organization in meeting all its compliance tasks.

    If your company does not currently employ an IT auditor, having a detailed job description for such a role is integral to hiring or promoting the right individual. In our IT Downloads area, we offer a document providing just such information. The “Job Description: Senior Information Technology Auditor” download lists responsibilities of the position, including:

    The job description also lists general duties for the position along with a detailed list of qualifications that an experienced candidate should possess. The document also lists certifications that may be beneficial to a person performing this role within the enterprise.

    This download is an excellent resource for IT hiring managers, CIOs and human resources in that it provides a basis for the creation of an IT auditing position and can be used as a checklist for vetting potential candidates for the role.

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