Web Architect Role Integral to Creation of Effective, Interactive Enterprise Apps

    Enterprises need a single source to lead their Web-based technologies. Someone who is skilled with programs that help create interactive Web media, internal software, and mobile and social media apps. This person should have a broad knowledge of technologies that facilitate such interactivity, but also understand that the common core company message should remain consistent among all the enterprise applications.

    The person who occupies the role of Web architect must wear many hats. The right candidate should understand consistent design theories, programming and Web development and be able to work and communicate effectively with other teams and coworkers.

    When hiring a Web architect, it’s important to advertise for the position using the best job description possible. In our IT Downloads, you will find a detailed document called Job Description: Web Architect, which gives your hiring manager and HR team a specific list of qualifications that the perfect applicant should have.

    The list includes a list of experience requirements such as:

    • Computer science degree
    • Understanding of Web tools including C#, javascript, etc.
    • Framework experience such as MS .Net, Symfony, etc.

    Download the document for the full list of requirements and responsibilities for a Web architect role. Use the document as a jumping off point for creating your own enterprise Web architect job description, or just use the listed information as is. Having the right job description helps direct the proper candidates to apply for your position and allows the hiring managers to be sure they are getting quality applicants for the job.

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