Why Informatica’s Latest Project Signifies Change for IT Security

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    Last week, Informatica conducted briefings on its new offering, the Intelligent Data Platform. I’ve read a good number of stories on Informatica’s plans, which include a cloud-based, self-serve integration tool for business users and something called a “Shared Data Lake,” which is more of a user-friendly interface for exploring data.

    So, basically, Informatica will provide better integration and analytics support for savvy business users. That’s an industry-wide trend for integration vendors right now, so it’s not particularly surprising. It’s also not Informatica’s first time focusing on self-serve data integration.

    What really caught my eye, though, is Informatica’s upcoming project, [email protected]

    Information Week describes [email protected] as “an audit and compliance tool,” but that plays down just how significant experts say this new offering could be.

    Saugatuck Research, for instance, said [email protected] is the most important announcement that came out of Informatica 2014 (INFA14).

     “The scheme enables identification, tracking, masking and otherwise protecting data as a resource from the inside out, rather than via the traditional perimeter-oriented, outside-in approach used today—often ineffectively, and certainly inefficiently,” writes Bruce Guptill, a senior vice president and head of research at Saugatuck Research, in a recent Lens360 post.

    ZDNet also pointed out the importance of [email protected], noting it’s “perhaps the biggest selling point” to the new platform.

    It’s worth noting that Programmable Web says [email protected] will “evolve” into the 10th version of Informatica’s master data management tool.

    The beta is expected to start later this year, with general availability in 2015.

    Frankly, it’s about time. Everyone knows the perimeter is no longer a realistic approach to security. The cloud, open data, APIs and mobile devices changed that, and there’s no going back. It’s time for IT security practices to adapt, and [email protected] sounds like a step in the right direction.

    Loraine Lawson
    Loraine Lawson
    Loraine Lawson is a freelance writer specializing in technology and business issues, including integration, health care IT, cloud and Big Data.

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