Avoid Pitfalls of Video Job Interviews

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    Beware the video job interview. Employers may be using them more often to save money and time, but job seekers will be put at a disadvantage, according to the results of a recent experiment. Researchers had students interview each other through Skype and in person. Overall, the study’s job candidates on video were rated lower in attributes including likeability, and received fewer recommendations for the job than they received through the in-person interactions. Even the interviewers were rated lower on competency and other traits when on video, according to Scientific American.

    If you’re an employer and want to try video interviewing to expand your pool or conserve resources, or you’ve tried it and want to improve the process, consider using resources built specifically for the interview process, rather than a platform like Skype. Tools like HireVue may level the playing field somewhat, by including supporting materials for constructing better questions and allowing for real-time or recorded interviews. Mobile access and the ability for team members who couldn’t otherwise view and listen to the interview could also help outweigh the negatives.

    If you are a job seeker with a video interview scheduled, or you are considering creating a video resume, inform yourself by researching tools like HireVue.

    You should also practice, practice, practice. Even experienced interviewees will not necessarily be aware of facial expressions or habits that could make them appear a bit odd on video. These tips on how to prepare for such an interview at Reuters should help polish those edges. If it is a real-time interview, don’t be afraid to acknowledge that you are a bit nervous, as that is natural. At the same time, take advantage of tricks that wouldn’t be available to you if you were interviewing in person, such as attaching notes about key points you want to make to your computer monitor.

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