Allow Secure Remote Access and Prevent Data Loss


I enjoy writing about cool products and the I'm InTouch Remote Platform from 01Communique definitely falls into this category. The platform allows enterprise laptop users access to data behind an organization's firewall without the need for that data to be stored on the laptop or downloaded. The platform consists of the I'm InTouch Remote access terminal, the SecureKEY physical authentication USB key, and the I'm InTouch Remote access service. These three components are the heart of the system and allow easy, secure remote access to any PC or server over the Internet.


Here's how the platform works:


  1. Activate your SecureKEY USB drive by inserting it into the computer you want to remotely access.
  2. Take your SecureKEY with you and when you need to remotely access your computer, insert the key into the USB slot of any PC with an Internet connection.
  3. Select "I want to remotely access my computer."
  4. Watch as you are automatically securely logged in to your distant computer.



The company also makes a server edition (see figure above) with some decent administration features that include centralized user account management, interface for remote management, usage reports, user time of day and file-level access restrictions. Security is handled using 128-bit end-to-end encryption, standard firewall ports 80 and 443, no user data stored on the server, dual passwords, and a viewer time-out feature. The platform is so versatile that it allows connectivity from any device that supports a browser - PCs, cell phones, Palm OS, BlackBerry, and PocketPC devices.

I had the opportunity to interview Jacob Katz, a marketing executive with 01Communique. Mr. Katz commented that, "generally we are targeting the solution towards the financial sector, law, health care, government, industries that are very security conscientious."

The I'm InTouch platform allows remote users to access data securely while providing a cost-effective and versatile platform for administrators and security professionals. I feel that this is a very good solution for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The product is reasonably priced and adds another layer of security by keeping data behind the firewall and preventing data loss.