Portal Provides Visibility into iland VMware Cloud

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    One of the knocks against using a cloud computing service is the perceived loss of control over the IT environment. And yet, as cloud computing evolves, cloud service providers are now viewing the level of control they provide customers as a point of competitive differentiation.

    As a provider of a cloud computing service based on VMware, iland has no shortage of competitors. Today the cloud service provider unfurled a customer portal that not only gives IT organizations direct control of their VMware environment running on a cloud; it also includes analytics capability that allows them to model changes to application workloads running on the iland cloud service.

    Dante Orsini, senior vice president of business development for iland, says that rather than opting to license expensive management tools from VMware that are complex to deploy and manage, iland leveraged an open source Cassandra database to build a management platform for its cloud from the ground up.


    Orsini says providing customers a portal into the iland cloud service allows them to not only easily see how many compute resources are being consumed each month, but also set limits on the amount of cloud resources that can be consumed by any given workload. In addition, the iland portal provides access to an event history function that makes it simpler to identify what changes were made by whom and when to the environment, which these days is critical for being able to meet compliance regulations.

    Ultimately, Orsini says that the iland portal is not only about providing visibility into the iland cloud; it’s really about giving IT organizations access to cloud service that provides consistent levels of predictability. That’s important because the one thing that any organization doesn’t want to be when relying on cloud computing services is surprised.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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