Iland Pushes VMware Workloads to the Cloud

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    While there’s a lot of interest in being able to move workloads running on VMware into the cloud, a lot of cloud service providers have yet to make that very easy to accomplish. With that issue in mind, iland has made available its implementation of VMware vCloud Connector Advanced Edition, which simplifies the management of the iland public cloud via a natural extension of the VMware vSphere management platform.

    VMware is pushing to claim a share of the public cloud market with the help of its VMware cloud credits program in order to counter Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other providers of cloud services that have standardized on instances of open source Citrix Xen or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine software.

    According to Dante Orsini, senior vice president of business development for iland, VMware vCloud Connector Advanced Edition enables iland customers to dynamically move VMware workloads to the iland cloud platform. The real challenge when it comes to hybrid cloud computing, says Orsini, is to be able to synchronize content across multiple cloud computing instances. Within VMware environments, VMware vCloud Connector Advanced Edition provides that capability without requiring any changes to the behavior of the VMware administrators.

    Ultimately, Orsini says the end goal is not to necessarily move every workload to the cloud, but to allow IT organizations to optimize their investments around their average workload capacity while spikes in demand are processed in the cloud. That cloudbursting capability means IT organizations no longer have to invest in on-premise infrastructure to handle peak application workloads that might only be attained a few times a month.

    Hybrid cloud computing still has a way to go before it fully matures. But interest in building stateless private clouds that span multiple data centers is starting to grow. Before any of that can actually happen, IT organizations will need a practical way of managing a hybrid cloud computing environment.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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