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Three Big Takeaways from Lenovo Accelerate: IoT, AR/VR and Massive PC Innovation

17 May, 2019

The advantages of Lenovo are not well known; it is more likely to be forced to compete on price. This makes it an interesting bargain for the informed customer. ...More >

Microsoft Build Keynote: Putting the User at the Center and Enabling Global Positive Change

07 May, 2019

Microsoft Build 2019 introduced game changers in Azure, AI, gaming, bots, mixed reality, autonomous systems and more. ...More >

Evolution of BlackBerry: The Best Security Solutions You Have Never Heard Of

24 Apr, 2019

BlackBerry continues to impress on product and execution, but it is held back by an image tied to what it used to be. Customers have clearly indicated that BlackBerry is keeping their firms and people far safer than what is likely being deployed by competitors. ...More >

HP Innovation Summit 2019: Blending Old with New to Make the World a Better Place

19 Apr, 2019

From sustainability to home improvement to prosthetics, HP and customers are working to make the world a better place. ...More >

Rethinking Security as a Competitive Edge

09 Apr, 2019

We need to rethink security as a competitive edge and stop thinking of it as an impediment to getting business done. ...More >

Google’s AI Ethics Council Fails: The Three Components to Address the Problems with Control Councils

04 Apr, 2019

For efforts like the Google AI Ethics Council to work, they need to be integrated with the creation process, have the responsibility to assure ethics and the authority to enforce their decisions, and the full support of the executive staff. ...More >

Cisco’s Decibel Changes the Nature of Enterprise Funded VCs

29 Mar, 2019

A skunk works-like VC organization named Decibel from Cisco appears to strike a near perfect balance by using a model that has been successful in driving innovation. ...More >

NVIDIA Showcases Impressive Advances in Data Science, HPC, VR

20 Mar, 2019

NVIDIA has been moving aggressively into the AI, data science, HPC, robotics, and automotive spaces and GTC is a showcase for how far it has come. ...More >

IBM, NVIDIA, Hyundai, Geico Bring Deep Learning AI to Call Centers

15 Mar, 2019

Call center AI implementations are creating huge improvement rates in multiple metrics, and users are impressed. ...More >

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