Virtual Instruments Merges with Load DynamiX

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At a time when many IT organizations are reevaluating their IT infrastructure investments, Virtual Instruments today announced it will merge with Load DynamiX, a provider of tools for testing storage performance. The new entity will continue to be called Virtual Instruments, but will be led by current Load DynamiX CEO Philippe Vincent.

Vincent says the testing tools developed by Load DynamiX will enable Virtual Instruments to provide a cloud loop testing environment for IT infrastructure. Virtual Instruments has also announced it has secured another $20 million in funding from investors.

Testing tools, says Vincent, are more significant than ever because many IT organizations are trying to figure out what workloads to move into the cloud versus those that might have too much latency to be deployed anywhere other than on premise.

At the same time, many data centers are being transformed by the introduction of Flash memory. This new class of storage enables applications to run several orders of magnitude faster. But the performance of various storage systems in any given application workload environment can vary substantially. Load DynamiX, says Vincent, makes it possible for IT organizations to easily test which storage systems are best suited for an application workload without having to make an upfront capital investment.

The rate at which transformation is occurring inside the data center has never been as high as it is today. Given all that change, IT organizations can’t afford to make a mistake. Virtual Instruments is betting that before most IT organizations place any bets on a particular vendor, they will want more detailed information than what they can get using industry standard benchmarks to guide them.