Unified Office Updates Unified Communications Service

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Unified communications has historically been fairly complex to deploy and manage. But with the rise of managed services and implementations that can be more easily deployed and managed, that may finally be changing.

At the Enterprise Connect 2014 conference, Unified Office today announced version 3.0 of Total Connect Now (TCN), a unified communications offering that is based on a private cloud architecture remotely managed by Unified Office.

Unified Office CEO Ray Pasquale says the goal is to make sophisticated unified communications services available and affordable for even the smallest of organizations. The latest version of TCN now includes Highest Quality Routing (HQR) software, which ensures that each new call made over the service gets access to the highest quality connection available.

In addition, Unified Office announced the availability of HTML5 and WebRTC applications that allow users to access Unified Office via a mobile computing device or Web browser. Pasquale says the goal is to allow end users to access unified communications services from any device they feel comfortable using.

For some reason, the rise of IP networking wound up adding all kinds of responsibilities for telecommunication services that used to be provided by carriers to the list of things that internal IT organizations are supposed to handle. While there’s clearly a benefit to using IP networks to provide those services at a lower cost, it doesn’t necessarily follow that already hard-pressed internal IT organizations need to actually build and manage them.