Particle Pushes IoT Management into the Cloud

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While it’s pretty clear that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a major expansion of the known IT universe, building and then managing those IoT projects at scale is not an easy endeavor.

To make it easier to deploy an IoT project, Particle created a Particle platform that makes it possible to create a proof-of-concept (PoC) for an IoT endpoint in an afternoon, starting at a price point of $19.

Now Particle is moving to extend those capabilities with Particle Cloud, which provides the centralized console needed to manage a fleet of IoT endpoints built using the Particle hardware development kit. Particle CEO Zach Supalla says that development kit makes it possible for IT organizations to easily add in processors and networking modules to meet various types of IoT use cases.

Particle Pushes IoT Management into the Cloud

Supalla says Particle has already shipped over 120,000 development kits to 70,000 developers and hardware engineers. Via the cloud, Particle now wants to reduce the cost of building and then managing IoT endpoints, says Supalla.

Most companies are still trying to figure out who inside the organization is going to take the lead responsibility for an IoT project. But they also want to accelerate initial IoT projects. Given that requirement, many will need to cut the amount of time it takes to build and deploy an IoT project from years to months if they hope to stay relevant.