Entuity Tool Helps Pinpoint Source of Application Issues

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One of the more frustrating things that plague IT organizations is that when issues are initially discovered by end users, it often takes IT longer to pinpoint the source of the problem than it does to actually fix what’s wrong.

Looking to address that issue, Entuity today released version 2.0 of SurePath, a tool that allows both end users and IT organizations to visualize the network path that an application traverses. Entuity CEO Michael Jannery says that the latest release of SurePath is now integrated with version 15 of the company’s namesake network management software. Previously, SurePath was only available as a standalone application for existing Entuity customers, says Jannery.

On average, it takes SurePath about 30 seconds to discover the actual paths that interconnect multiple clients and servers in a way that provides IT organizations with both Layer-2 and -3 visibility into the network.


Jannery says that the main idea is to allow end users to not only report a problem, but also report back to central IT where they see the source of the problem to be. IT organizations can then make use of Entuity to remotely resolve that issue or dispatch someone to fix it. This will prevent the central IT organization from wasting hours of time trying to figure out where the source of that problem might actually lie, says Jannery.

Given the complexity of IT organizations, there are always going to be problems. What matters more that trying to prevent those problems is how quickly they can be resolved. After all, end users often judge competency not on the fact that there was a problem, but rather how fast the IT organization was able to respond to it.