Five Networking Predictions for 2015

    2014 was a year of big technology changes. Wearable technologies started to make their mark. Multiple high-profile companies suffered from data breaches that compromised customer information. Cloud computing became the norm for companies storing information, everything became software-defined, and Big Data broke into the mainstream.

    Despite all of that, 2015 promises to bring even more technology innovations, especially for network infrastructure. Dan Pickett, CEO of IT networking company nfrastructure, shares his top predictions for the Internet of Things and the overall state of networking.

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    Looking Ahead: Networking 2015

    Click through for five networking predictions for 2015, provided by Dan Pickett, CEO of IT networking company nfrastructure.

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    Big Data Will Get Bigger – and Better

    Already, billions of connected devices and new technologies are generating massive amounts of data. In 2015, the number of connected devices will grow – and so will your company’s wealth of knowledge and ability to use the Big Data to improve business processes. All aspects of the business, from developing the most efficient manufacturing process to creating an amazing customer experience, will stem from the investments companies make to collecting and effectively utilizing Big Data. Make sure your company has the ability to gather and apply this data to gain as much value as possible from it.

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    Speed and Agility

    Everything is moving online. Traditional consumer products, such as home security systems, lights and heating units, to office supplies like printers and scanners, will all become connected. As more networks and products become software-defined and the physical restrictions to building and deploying networks are removed, both businesses and consumers alike will expect faster connectivity and results, at all times. These connected devices will have to be updated continuously and have absolutely zero lag time. Prep your network for this influx now by making sure everything is up to date and secure.

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    Increased Adoption and Higher Standards

    There is an overwhelming mix of technology in the networking marketplace, including devices, communication protocols, middleware and applications. This technology brings new leading standards and an increase in interoperability. As connected devices become the norm in 2015, the barrier to adoption that many of these technologies currently have will be eliminated. This fluidity between networks and devices will lead to more integrated solutions that will have significant value to the business. A technology consultant may be of value to your business when preparing for this shift.

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    The Internet of Things Becomes the Internet of Everything

    The Internet of Things is already here, and is such an integrated part of business and everyday life that shockingly, we don’t even recognize it any more. Since 2013, more than 650 million new physical objects have come online. That number is only getting bigger, which means that networks need to be optimized to prepare for the increase in bandwidth needed to support this growth. 2015 will become the year when every division within a business will focus on the strategy behind the Internet of Everything. Prepare for this by incorporating the Internet of Everything into business plans and projections.

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    Make Way for the CTO

    The consumerization of IT continues to infiltrate every department in the enterprise. In 2015, it can be expected that end users, who previously had little interest in IT, will be empowered by new technologies and connected devices. As this happens, the role of the CTO will continue to expand to become a mission-critical addition to the C-suite. In 2015, CTOs will spearhead technological innovations and business practices not just in IT, but will extend their influence to marketing, human resources and financial operations. Ensure a smooth transition by starting to integrate each business division into the technology decision making process sooner rather than later.

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