Dell Aims Foglight at Citrix Desktop Virtualization

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One of the major reasons that desktop virtualization never really took off with most IT organizations is because there aren’t many tools available to manage the environment.

At the Citrix Synergy 2015 conference today, Dell announced that IT organizations can now apply Dell Foglight analytics to both Citrix and VMware virtual desktop computing environments.

In addition, Dell announced a Dell Appliance for Wyse-Citrix that simplifies deploying Citrix desktop virtualization software on a Dell Wyse appliance. It also released version 5.5 of Wyse Device Manager (WDM) that sports a revamped user interface. Dell also now offers a free version of that software that can support up to 250 desktop images.

John Maxwell, vice president of virtualization modeling for Dell Software, says one of the bigger frustrations that IT organizations regularly experience with desktop virtualization is boot storms. Depending on the geography, end users tend to log into desktop virtualization applications at the same time. Identifying the sources of those boot storms and the bottlenecks that result is one place where an analytics tools can make a significant desktop virtualization difference, says Maxwell.


IT organizations may not be ready to embrace desktop virtualization just yet. But with the pending arrival of Windows 10 and the proliferation of devices running operating systems from Apple and Google, the complexity of the desktop computing environment is increasing. As such, IT organizations may need to consider a variety of virtualization options that return more control to the internal IT department.