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As adoption of cloud computing continues to expand, IT organizations are starting to realize that despite the promise of the cloud, actually managing IT in the enterprise is getting more (not less) difficult. Not only are there more applications and platforms in the cloud to manage, most of the on-premise systems that need to be managed are still in place because legacy applications still need to run.

To address the rising tide of hybrid cloud computing complexity, CliQr this week unfurled its 4.0 upgrade to CloudCenter, a cloud management platform that is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application. This latest release sports both a revamped user interface that allows permissions based on roles to be assigned to different administrators as well as tools for modeling complex cloud topographies spanning images, applications, cloud services and even Docker containers.

CliQr CEO Gaurav Manglik says that while most cloud applications and services are managed in a semi-autonomous manner today, it’s only a matter of time before IT organizations move to unify the management of public and private clouds. Most IT organizations simply can’t afford to devote dedicated staff to each cloud computing platform they engage. As a result, Manglik says soon they will begin to unify the management of both public clouds and multiple classes of private clouds running on premise or hosted in a third-party data center.


With this release, CliQr has also extended its management reach to include Cisco UCS Director and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) as well as the VMware NSX software-defined networking (SDN) platform. As the application programming interfaces (APIs) surrounding IT infrastructure become more defined, Manglik notes that it’s becoming simpler to use a cloud management application to manage external cloud services alongside internal applications and infrastructure.

It won’t be long before the hybrid cloud management issue will be forced within most IT organizations. Undoubtedly that will lead to political infighting between teams that favor one management platform over another. CliQr is betting that as a SaaS application, it represents neutral territory where IT organizations can come together in a way that allows those various teams to hold onto their favorite platform without having to break the budget or make difficult compromises.

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Aug 28, 2015 4:23 PM drewharrisontheman@gmail.com drewharrisontheman@gmail.com  says:
I am always really impressed by the cloud. Having all your devices synced makes life so much easier. Fumbling around with setting is not something I really want to deal with when there is work to be done! Thanks for this great post and info! Reply

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