BlueData Launches Private Cloud Platform for Big Data

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How the Cloud Is Changing the Way We Work

Building private clouds becomes infinitely more complex with the introduction of multiple types of Big Data. As a result, much of the IT infrastructure that is currently deployed inside the enterprise simply isn’t up to the task.

Looking to rectify that problem, BlueData today launched Epic Enterprise, a platform for building stateless private clouds that can be deployed on premise. Based on DataTap data virtualization tools, IOBoost caching software and ElasticPlane clustering software that spans virtual machines and containers, the EPIC Enterprise platform is designed to provide IT organizations with an overlay for creating private clouds in a way that minimizes the amount of data that needs to be moved and copied in support of Big Data applications.

BlueData CEO Kumar Sreekanti says advances in paravirtualization that provide more efficient interfaces to guest operating systems now make it more feasible to run Big Data applications on top of virtual machines or new classes of lighter weight containers, while other advances in the realm of data virtualization and caching mean that IT organizations no longer have to centralize all their data. Instead, much of that data can be accessed where it resides without having to move it into a central data warehouse.

The ultimate goal, says Sreekanti, is to be able to create a stateless private cloud that can run on any set of IT infrastructure. As part of that effort, BlueData also announced it has joined the technology partnership program of Hortonworks, a provider of a distribution of Hadoop. EPIC Enterprise also supports the Cloudera distribution of Hadoop along with Hadoop 1.0, YARN, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Impala and Spark.

With the rise of data virtualization, improved caching techniques, containers and enhanced virtual machine platforms, the challenges associated with building a private cloud promise to be significantly reduced. BlueData is offering a platform that combines all those technologies into a single offering.