Accellion Rises to Mobile Workflow Challenge

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When it comes to mobile computing in the enterprise, the real issue may not be the devices or even the applications that run on them, but rather the impact they have on workflow across the enterprise. Whether being used externally by customers or internally by employees, mobile computing is transforming every business process it touches.

To help enterprise IT organizations address this issue, Accellion has opened the application programing interfaces (APIs) to kiteworks, which makes it simpler to build mobile applications based on a container that allows end users to share files and then create and edit content inside those applications. Those applications can then invoke any number of backend services using RESTful APIs to access additional content resources in and out of the cloud.

Hormazd Romer, senior director of product marketing for Accellion, says that as businesses begin to see mobile computing as a way to remove latency from business processes, they are looking for a framework that gives them more control over the end-to-end mobile computing environment.

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Rather than simply providing a platform for developing mobile applications, Romer says kiteworks enables end users to have more control over the content flowing through those applications using a secure container framework that can run on Apple iOS or Google Android devices. That’s critical, notes Romer, because one of the primary reasons to embrace mobile computing is to give users more dynamic control over the way workflow is processed across the organization.

Obviously, there is no shortage of ways to build mobile applications using containers these days. But as Romer notes, the ultimate difference between one platform and another just might come down to the one that enables the richest end-user experience in terms of achieving the goals of the business, which when all things are said and done usually means enabling increased productivity.

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Nov 26, 2014 1:12 AM unifile unifile  says:
Similar to Kiteworks, Unifyle provides a dashboard for all your file storage services (File shares, SharePoint, FTP, Box, OneDrive etc.,) on your mobile phone so you can search, share, edit and manage your files from one single app from your mobile device. You can edit files no matter where they are located using locally installed apps (quickoffice, WPS office etc.,) or securely edit them directly on the server using XenApp. Using the webdav interface you can "mount" Unifyle as a drive so you can access all the files right from inside your apps. Search across all your storage using a single search. Check it out at http://www.unifyle.co Reply

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