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SOA vs. Web 2.0: Governance or Rogues?

29 Sep, 2006

If you look beyond the nuts-and-bolts debates about enterprise applications, like the current confusion over ESBs, it's possible to discern two opposing forces shaping beliefs about the way software ...More >

HP Scandal Has Connection to Supply Chains -- Really

22 Sep, 2006

It wasn't easy, but we found a connection between the most lurid high tech headlines -- the HP boardroom scandal -- and the lowly nuts-and-bolts activities of supply chain management, where the ...More >

Next Up for SOA: The Non-Tech Hassles

20 Sep, 2006

A recently released report on SOA from ZapThink contained a tidbit that has huge implications: IT departments aren't creating specific budgets for SOA initiatives. Instead, they're using the SOA ...More >

SaaS Re-Writing Enterprise IT Playbook

12 Sep, 2006

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has been on a lot of IT executives' minds the past couple of years, and it's easy to see why.   Your vendor installs it. Your vendor maintains it. You don't have to ...More >

Flaming Web 2.0

05 Sep, 2006

Is Web 2.0 really "hollow" and "buzzword-based"?   That's the point of view taken by Tim Berners-Lee, whom many acknowledge as the inventor of the Web as we know it -- Web 1.0, if you will. ...More >

Now It's "Anything 2.0"

29 Aug, 2006

In the 1990s, it wasn't uncommon for companies to change their names, adding .com for market cache. Now, for similar reasons, 2.0 is being attached to everything -- and sometimes causing a ruckus. ...More >

Integrating Web 2.0 into the Enterprise

25 Aug, 2006

Like it or not, Web 2.0 is here, and it's for real.   While there's obviously a lot of debate about exactly what Web 2.0 means, words like informal, collaborative, participatory and interactive ...More >

XML: 'Friction' for Networks?

21 Aug, 2006

Friction is the aspect of business that's not productive but has to be done.   In an enterprise, it's getting approval from six layers of management before taking action. In a three-person shop, ...More >

SOA, the Enterprise, and Friction

18 Aug, 2006

One of the questions that fascinated economists and B-school professors of the 20th century had to do with the ideal size of a business. Had the giants that had grown so fast -- U.S. Steel, General ...More >

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