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Self-Serve Data Leading to Shift in Business Products, IT Responsibilities

30 Apr, 2015

One data expert foresees a shift in data discovery where business users explore data and find what’s needed, and then IT applies more rigorous data practices. ...More >

Visualization Key to Democratization of Data

29 Apr, 2015

One data expert explains the subtle and not so subtle differences between business intelligence and data science. ...More >

How iPaaS Is Changing Enterprise Integration

28 Apr, 2015

A report by Ovum revealed that iPaaS is gaining acceptance and broader adoption in the enterprise. ...More >

Two Major Hadoop Vendors Call Foul on New Industry Consortium

27 Apr, 2015

Several distributors are missing from the latest consortium on the Hadoop stack, and leaders from Cloudera and MapR explain why. ...More >

Nobody Puts Big Data in a Corner

24 Apr, 2015

Managers need a full understanding of Big Data--its three definitions and types of analytics--to best make use of it for the business. ...More >

IoT Interoperability: A Blessing and a Curse

23 Apr, 2015

One Internet of Things expert suggests a new way of connecting devices that could open up data for searching. But do we want all that data open? ...More >

Three Common Data Problems Lambda Architecture Solves

22 Apr, 2015

Lamba Architecture can solve issues with integration, Internet of Things and other long-standing problems by using data in a flexible, but reliable, way. ...More >

Five Reasons Integration Is Changing

22 Apr, 2015

One data integration expert gives his reasons on why it is changing and how this could be the death of traditional integration. ...More >

Two Use Cases Show that IoT Can Make Money and Possibly Save the World

20 Apr, 2015

Disney's and Lake George's IoT projects are very different, but they have one thing in common: Both show how the IoT can and will deliver real value. ...More >

What Makes a Good Chief Data Officer Candidate?

17 Apr, 2015

Loraine Lawson researches the role of the chief data officer and speculates from her findings what skills a good candidate might possess. ...More >

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