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Why SharePoint 2016 Needs to Address Integration Shortcomings

29 May, 2015

Why is SharePoint so hard to integrate? It wasn't built for heterogeneous environments, for one thing. ...More >

Another Type of Citizen Integrator: The Mobile App User

28 May, 2015

Vendors are studying how mobile apps are used and coming up with 'recipes' to help them integrate them without IT's assistance. ...More >

Four Questions to Ask Before Building the Data Infrastructure of Tomorrow

22 May, 2015

Business users want access to data, and to be data-driven, the company needs that access. Consider these four points when attempting to build out your new data infrastructure. ...More >

Why Data Services Are Key to Supporting New Tech Trends

20 May, 2015

A service approach to data is a key component of a modern technology infrastructure, but data services will require new approaches to data integration. ...More >

New Types of Data Demand New Infrastructure

15 May, 2015

It’s a truism that technology changes quickly and ages fast — and yet, despite massive network and computer evolutions, not much changed for data until Big Data came along. ...More >

Why Cloud Infrastructure Changes Your Data Integration

13 May, 2015

Cloud infrastructure matters because of speed, both for deployment and the speed of the integration itself, experts say. ...More >

Savvy Business Users Want Data Access Without IT Bottlenecks

11 May, 2015

Business users no longer want to wait months for IT to produce data reports; they want to access the rich data uninhibited. ...More >

Building a Business-Friendly Data Science Team

06 May, 2015

Do you need a data team and, if so, what will the composition look like? ...More >

IoT Data: Insights Are Hard to Achieve in an Ocean of Possibilities

05 May, 2015

It seems clear that organizations understand the value of IoT data, but they’re unclear how to actually get from point A (collect the data) to point C (derive value from the data). ...More >

Companies Investing in More BI, Despite Reported Use of Multiple Tools

01 May, 2015

This week's data and integration news includes a report on BI tool usage, a lawsuit based on data quality, and how a Los Angeles hospital is using Apple's HealthKit to integrate data. ...More >

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