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Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Don't Let Short-Term Thinking Afflict SOA Deployments

06 Nov, 2006

One of the main benefits of implementing an SOA strategy is the end of legacy data silos that exist in most enterprises. The thinking is that greater access to data and applications across all ...More >

Moving Toward Real Data Management

02 Nov, 2006

There are certainly lots of tools for enterprise data management (EDM). They fall under a number of categories: data governance (DG), master data management (MDM) and customer data integration (CDI), ...More >

Web 2.0 in Fits and Starts

26 Oct, 2006

It's turning out to be the debate of the ages. Are new monikers like Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and SOA 2.0 really new generations of technology that are poised to shake the foundations of the digital ...More >

The Virtual Workstation: Bigger than the Data Center?

23 Oct, 2006

Ever since Parallels came out with virtualization software allowing you to run Windows and the Mac OS on a Mac workstation, people have been wondering how long it would take VMware to get into the ...More >

The Drive to Improve the Data Center

19 Oct, 2006

Data center issues have been front and center for most enterprises for the past several years. From powering and cooling to backup and recovery, it seems like a lot of investment is being made to ...More >

Moving Ahead with IPv6

17 Oct, 2006

Computer Sciences Corporation's decision to deploy IPv6 got us thinking about whether enterprises will see any benefits besides enhanced security if they, too, adopt the protocol.   It turns out ...More >

Combining Storage Virtualization and ILM

12 Oct, 2006

A couple of key questions surfaced this week regarding storage virtualization and its ability to adequately track and monitor data being shuttled between a growing multitude of sources and ...More >

Some Good News on Office 2007

09 Oct, 2006

There is a fair amount of commentary regarding the new Office 2007 suite coming out this fall, most of it positive. John Carroll, blogging on ZDNet, said the ribbon-based GUI takes a little getting ...More >

The Enterprise Architecture, It Is A-Changin'

06 Oct, 2006

A couple of new SOA developments from IBM and Microsoft signal that the major vendors are serious about the prospects of the fully integrated architecture. This despite a growing chorus of critics ...More >

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