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iSCSI Moves into the Spotlight

13 Feb, 2007

The way some folks describe it, iSCSI SAN solutions have it all over Fibre Channel. Word is that when enterprises, particularly small to mid-sized ones, stack up one system against the other, the ...More >

IS HP Pulling a Fast One?

08 Feb, 2007

Call it the enterprise version of Three Card Monty. While HP was touting expanded support for Solaris on its new Xeon systems, it turns out that there are some pretty shrewd calculations going on ...More >

Is Windows Vista All That Important?

05 Feb, 2007

It came as no surprise that Windows Vista got a lot of ink following the January 30 launch of the home versions. What is surprising is that after many months of questions as to exactly why ...More >

Appliances Are the New Workhorses

01 Feb, 2007

While much of the enterprise community is focused on the rise of hosted services and virtualization, we're still impressed by the less glamorous, but no less revolutionary, developments in ...More >

Virtualization Set to Move in 2007

29 Jan, 2007

As if there needs to be any more evidence that virtualization is moving forward in a big way: It now has its own trade show. A Ziff-Davis event earlier this month brought together experts and ...More >

Storage Systems Hone Recovery Tools

26 Jan, 2007

The latest storage and server systems are putting a lot of emphasis on backup and disaster recovery, in addition to the usual movement in data capacity and transfer speed.   Take, for example, ...More >

Cool Winds Blowing Through the Enterprise

22 Jan, 2007

Nothing spurs innovation like desperation. At a time when both chip architectures and server environments are becoming more dense and, thus, hotter and more expensive to run, a wave of radically new ...More >

More in Store for SMBs

18 Jan, 2007

Smal businesses have long been plagued by inadequate storage systems. For many, it's a choice between shelling out big time for a system that is geared toward a much larger organization, or accept a ...More >

A Step Forward for Sun

16 Jan, 2007

You have to hand it to Sun Microsystems. Just as most of the industry was writing the company off as a technical has-been, it launches a new Sun Blade sporting an innovative new architecture that ...More >

Prepping for the Vista Effect

12 Jan, 2007

Much of the discussion surrounding Vista has centered around its impact on desktops and servers. So we were a little surprised that most of the Vista-related action at CES centered around laptops. ...More >

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