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Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

The Ups and Downs of Storage Virtualization

05 Sep, 2006

Storage virtualization comes in many different varieties. You can virtualize by block storage, or on the file level. You can virtualize just your disk drives and other devices, or you can opt for a ...More >

A Quad-Core by Any Other Name?

31 Aug, 2006

Words often mean different things to different people. Dutiful husbands from time immemorial have heard their wives say, "We need to clean the basement this weekend." Eventually, we realize that the ...More >

It's Really All About Language

17 Aug, 2006

Is it just us, or are the terms "WAN optimization," "WAN acceleration," "application optimization" and "application acceleration" fairly interchangeable?   Aren't these really just the kinds of ...More >

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