A Consequential Week for Telecom in Washington

22 Nov, 2017

Decisions on net neutrality changes and others that may affect the telecom industry seem at odds. More >

Accelerite Unifies Big Data Analytics Stack

12 Dec, 2017

Realizing the value of investments in Big Data analytics takes too long because internal IT organizations are being asked to stitch together modules from different vendors with different interfaces. More >

AWS Details Ambitious Agenda to Transform IT

01 Dec, 2017

AWS is launching a slew of services that promise to transform everything from the way developers build applications to how end users interact with them. More >

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Rob Enderle

NVIDIA Moves from Automated Cars to Automated Construction Equipment

Unfiltered Opinion  RSS |  Rob Enderle   |  15 Dec, 2017

NVIDIA is moving aggressively to maintain its substantial lead in autonomous vehicles, moving initially from cars and trucks to drones and now to construction equipment.... More >

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Carl Weinschenk

Why Rescind Net Neutrality? Hint: It Wasn't About Encouraging Investment

Data and Telecom  RSS |  Carl Weinschenk   |  15 Dec, 2017

The most likely impact of the end of net neutrality is that big companies that control the infrastructure will have far freer rein to choke off upstart competitors.... More >

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Mike Vizard

Postman Launches API Network

IT Unmasked  RSS |  Mike Vizard   |  15 Dec, 2017

Postman API Network is a directory of APIs that the provider of API development tools has created to make it simpler to discover public APIs that are well maintained.... More >

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Arthur Cole

Closing In on the Autonomous Data Center

Infrastructure  RSS |  Arthur Cole   |  14 Dec, 2017

Of all the changes coming to the data center, perhaps none is as futuristic as autonomy.... More >

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Sue Marquette Poremba

Predictions for 2018: Concerns Surrounding Cryptocurrency

Data Security  RSS |  Sue Marquette Poremba   |  11 Dec, 2017

In 2018, expect cryptocurrencies to be both the target of attacks and enablers of a growth in ransomware.... More >

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