Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps for Dummies Excerpt

    ‘Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps for Dummies’ Excerpt

    Cloud applications are all the rage for many business purposes, and Microsoft is right in the mix with Web versions of the its standard Office suite. This book chapter will introduce to Web-based cloud functionality for Microsoft Word.

    Office Web Apps complement Office, making it easy to access and edit files from
    anywhere. These apps also simplify collaboration with those who don’t have Microsoft
    Office on their computers. This helpful book shows you the optimum ways you can use
    Office Web Apps to save time and streamline your work. Author Peter Weverka begins with
    an introduction to Office Web Apps and then goes on to clearly explain how Office Web
    Apps provide you with easier, faster, more flexible ways to get things done.

    This book:

    • Walks you through Office 2010 Web Apps and shows you the many ways they can save
      you time and help streamline your work
    • Separates the individual elements of Office Web Apps to provide you with a look
      at each: Word Web App, PowerPoint Web App, Excel Web App, OneNote Web App and
      managing your files on SharePoint 2010 or Windows Live
    • Shows you the ways in which Office 2010 Web apps complements Office by allowing
      you to access and edit files from anywhere

    The excerpt, “Up and Running with Word Web App,” comes from Chapter 9. Learn how to
    create documents, compare the Word Web App to Word 2010 and get acquainted with the
    Word Web App screen.

    The attached Zip file includes:

    • Intro Page.doc
    • Cover Sheet and Terms.pdf
    • Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps for Dummies Excerpt.pdf

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