Google Targets SMBs with Maps Engine Pro Utility

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    Google has unveiled a new utility aimed at the small business market: Google Maps Engine Pro. Using the mapping tool, businesses can utilize the location tool to create maps of databases with locations, names, addresses, and even sales leads included. These maps can then be viewed, changed, and analyzed easily and shared among various devices.

    Google hopes SMBs will be able to use the tool to develop business plans via “map-based visualization” of many layers of data that relate to the company’s business.

    Brian McClendon, vice president of engineering for Google Maps, said:

    “By importing data… from various file formats onto a map, businesses can edit, analyze and share their information in a simple format. Google Maps Engine Pro can be as easy to use as creating a document and it gives businesses an added productivity tool to help make decisions, organize information, and plan operations using Google Maps.”

    Google Maps Engine Pro is a paid product. It costs $5 per month, per user, or $50 per year, per user.

    Google is also making the tool available an Android mobile app, Google Maps Engine, which will allow users to create and edit maps while outside the office.

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