Adaptive Insights Looks to Expand CPM Usage via Cloud Service

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    Looking to extend the adoption of corporate performance management (CPM) applications delivered via the cloud, Adaptive Insights today unveiled its Adaptive Solutions offering that speeds up deployment of CPM applications along with 20 other enhancements to the core application. The news was presented at the Adaptive Live 2015 user conference.

    Paul Turner, vice president of product marketing for Adaptive Insights, says Adaptive Solutions targets revenue recognition by packaging content and best-practices associated with that task in a way that makes it simpler to roll out that specific class of applications.

    New enhancements to the core Adaptive Insights SaaS application include single-click integrations with dashboards generated by the CRM software delivered as a service by Salesforce, a single-click refresh capability that updates all data sources, and access to business scorecards that make it simpler to keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) for the business.

    Based on business modeling and planning tools accessed via a cloud service, access to Adaptive Insights is determined by the role an individual plays inside a company. Organizations, for example, can give business analysts one view of the data inside Adaptive Insights, while providing the board of directors with a higher-level view of the same data using a different set of dashboards to roll up the information.


    CPM applications have offered a lot of promise over the years, but adoption of CPM software on-premises has been spotty at best. By moving CPM software to the cloud, Turner says Adaptive Insights is trying to democratize access to CPM applications in a way that will also increase usage. At present, Adaptive Insights has over 2,600 customers in 85 countries that are primarily using custom applications created in-house on top of the core Adaptive Insights engine.

    Most organizations today still rely on spreadsheets and a smattering of business intelligence applications to manage the business. But as more sophisticated business modeling and planning tools become available via the cloud, the number of organizations applying more sophisticated analytics to managing their operations should start to steadily increase.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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