Storage vs. Backup: What Your Business Needs to Know

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Cloud Storage 101 – The Cons

Cloud storage provides businesses convenience and mobility, but it's certainly not a one-size-fits-all solution. Many providers lack a private encryption key for security and privacy, and they don't offer an automatic, comprehensive backup of files. They can also be deficient in regulatory supports, including HIPAA, FERPA and GLBA compliance. For some businesses, these are crucial, if not imperative, limitations that must be considered. Fear not, though, for those who have already invested in a cloud storage solution, there are ways to ensure your business is backed up and secure.

Many small-to-midsized businesses use cloud storage, like DropBox, Box, etc., because it's convenient, easy to use, and often free. However, some business owners and IT professionals have learned the hard way that cloud storage does not necessarily ensure business continuity in the face of disaster. In fact, some have found that cloud storage is susceptible even to human error, like writing over a file or deleting a file by mistake.

While there are benefits to cloud storage, small businesses should instead focus on procuring solutions that help keep their mission-critical data secure and serve as part of a comprehensive business continuity strategy. About 72 percent of small businesses will be investing in business continuity solutions in the next 12 to 24 months, according to research firm IDC. Yet understanding the differences between storage and backup is a hurdle many small business owners will need to navigate before making the investment.

In this slideshow, Carbonite's Chief Marketing Officer, Nina McIntyre, will demystify the benefits and limitations of cloud storage versus cloud backup and explain how each will impact your business.


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