How to Select a Competency Center Model

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Click through for descriptions of five ICC models, and match your priorities with the benefits most closely tied to that model.

If your company’s tired of reinventing the wheel with each integration project, it’s time to establish an integration competency center (ICC). Actually the concept works for  business intelligence, data warehousing or any other group representing an integrated view of the company’s data, according to data integration vendor Informatica.

It says ICCs promote delivery of integration projects of better quality, that are produced faster and that cost less.

Through various models, integration competency centers document best practices, set common data definitions, establish standard technology platforms, create reusable interfaces and provide consulting expertise to project teams.

Informatica outlines five basic ICC models, each addressing people, processes and organizational framework. A number of factors should be considered when selecting the best model for your company, including organizational maturity with integration practices, size and geographic distribution of the company and staff, and the business reason for establishing the ICC. Match your priorities with the benefits most closely tied to that model.

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