SharePoint Brings a Wide Range of Benefits

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Download this free, complete Research Executive Summary here.

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This slideshow is an excerpt from an executive summary of Info~Tech's extensive research report, Delivering Business Value Through SharePoint. You can download the complete, free executive summary of the report by clicking below.

Our partners at Info~Tech Research Group did an extensive survey of businesses to determine the value they are finding in SharePoint, Microsoft's enterprise collaboration, portal and content management platform. The key benefits they determined were:

  • Collaboration
  • Portal
  • Enterprise Search
  • Content Management
  • Business Forms
  • Business Intelligence

They found that in addition to portal functionality, SharePoint also offers Business Intelligence functionality that can be extended to virtually every employee in the business.

Some other key findings you'll find in this slideshow:

  • Companies have reported that SharePoint brings benefits to the company, the end users and IT.
  • Companies of all sizes and industries have implemented SharePoint and reaped benefits.
  • SharePoint’s impact on an organization is most often defined as positive business value rather than pure cost savings.

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