Debunking Five Misconceptions About Cloud-Based Services

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At first glance, cloud services might not seem like the least expensive option, but in fact, they save money in a variety of ways. Cloud services allow businesses to more accurately plan their budgets because their pricing structure is typically clear and predictable. Organizations can be confident in their forecasting and know exactly what they are getting out of their IT dollars. Since cloud-based services can be scaled up on-demand, costs are minimized from the outset. Businesses only subscribe to what they need, rather than having to plan ahead and purchase expensive hardware systems or licenses before they will be used.

Cost savings also come into play, since the backend management of cloud services is provided by the software vendor. With no server to set up or manage on an ongoing basis, deployment becomes a far simpler process for IT administrators. This frees up resources and lowers costs, while also increasing productivity. Cloud-based services save time, and time is money.

Cloud-based services have seeped into our everyday lives, both at home and in the office. Yet there are still some misconceptions that make business executives and IT managers nervous about implementing cloud-based services in their organizations.

In an age in which businesses are under increasing pressure to derive greater value with fewer resources, cloud-based services are hard to ignore. There will always be doubters and those who prefer to be late adopters, but for those who are ready to take advantage of cloud-based services, capabilities that might otherwise be inaccessible are suddenly within reach.

In this slideshow, GFI Cloud shares thoughts on the top five misconceptions about cloud-based services – that they are unreliable, not secure, too expensive, offer less flexibility and control and require too many resources.


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