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Election Stops FCC IoT Security Initiative

News this week included brakes on an IoT security study, wearables selling well, in-flight voice calls, and refunds for victims of telecom bill cramming. More >

IoT in the Cloud: The Next Phase of Enterprise Infrastructure

It is important to remember that while this cloud-based IoT ecosystem is where many providers want to take the enterprise, it is still unclear how far the enterprise is willing to follow. More >

IoT and Ransom Denial of Service Attacks

Ransom Denial of Service, or RDoS attacks, as well as the more commonly known ransomware attacks, are happening every day, and are targeting IoT devices and networks. More >

Aruba Rises to IoT Networking Challenge

With several announcements, Aruba moved to secure the networks that tie together Internet of Things (IoT) environments. More >

New Focus on IoT Security

We know that the best approach to IoT security is to develop devices with security baked in. However, that isn’t going to happen overnight. More >

IBM Combines IoT and Watson Expertise into a Common Practice

IBM’s IoT and Watson expertise will combine to create a new dedicated IBM consulting practice consisting of over 1,500 IBM employees. More >

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Startup Develops Wearable Aimed at Preventing Assaults on Women

The wearable device can be activated to sound an alarm and send out a location-based text alert in the event of an attempted assault.

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Where Is the Will to Use GPS Technology to Help Protect Kids?

There isn’t enough consumer interest for GPS technology to help safeguard kids.

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Appster Exec Shares Insights on Smartwatch Prospects

An Appster executive chimes in on smartwatches and how they might fare in the market. He also discusses how apps and interconnectivity will contribute to their success or demise.

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Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017

Here are the top 10 strategic technology trends that will impact most organizations in 2017. Strategic technology trends are defined as those with substantial disruptive potential or those reaching the tipping point over the next five years.

Intel Stakes IoT Claim

The Intel Atom processor E3900 series employs 14-nanometer silicon to push processing horsepower out to the very edge of distributed IoT environments.

2017 and Beyond: How Digital Innovation Will Impact the World

Digital innovation is by far the biggest influencer, changing the way we do just about everything, from shopping to communication to running a business.

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