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Deep Information Sciences Unveils In-Memory Database for MySQL Apps

Chad Jones, chief strategy officer for Deep Information Sciences, says deepSQL gives IT organizations that have invested in MySQL an upgrade path. More >

IBM Extends Database and Analytics Cloud Services

IBM is making it clear the open source database technologies are its primary priority as far as Bluemix services are concerned. More >

Windows 10 Forced Upgrade: Fighting Decades-Long Institutional Insanity

If you put aside safety, it is easy to argue that a user-focused company should let users run whatever version of the OS they want to run. But we have to consider security now. More >

PatternEx Applies Artificial Intelligence to IT Security

AI may not solve every IT security issue. But it can go a long way to helping IT organizations address IT security issues at scale. More >

Unified Communications, Same as It Ever Was

Unified communications (UC) continues to be IT’s version of the high school student who yearns to sit at the cool kids’ table but never quite makes it. More >

HPE Brings Big Data Analytics Service to Risk Management

HPE Investigative Analytics combs through historical data to determine what processes and conversations represent business as usual. It then only flags behavior that is anomalous to patterns that have been well-defined. More >

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After Years of Unmet Expectations, Artificial Intelligence Finally Mainstream

Deloitte looked at the blossoming of artificial intelligence and its growing impact on society, and has since taken a deeper dive into the topic.

More >

How One IT Company Is Helping Organizations Solve White-Collar Crime

The president of Actionable Intelligence Technologies explains how the company's software, CFIS, is helping weed through data and financial transactions to track and find data thieves.

More >

Why You Need to Be More Worried About Protecting Your SaaS Data

We’d all probably be surprised by how many IT departments, users and executives have failed to fully understand the nuances of proper SaaS data backup and recovery.

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10 Best Tech Jobs in the U.S. in 2016

With a shortage in qualified applicants for in-demand tech positions, IT pros have the luxury of being selective about the jobs they choose. So which are the best tech jobs for 2016?

The New BlackBerry: Kicking It Up Several Notches on Security and MDM

As part of its fight to return to relevance, BlackBerry has embraced other platforms this week.

Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2016

Cybersecurity Ventures recently announced their Q1 2016 Cybersecurity 500, a directory of the 500 hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies to watch this year.

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