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Taking a Good Look into the Cloud

In addition to providing a low-cost and flexible cloud, the enterprise must also ensure that it can be viewed and managed to the same degree as the local data center. More >

Veritas Reveals Information Management Ambitions, Updates NetBackup

Along with the update to NetBackup, Veritas announces that it will focus on creating a more robust portfolio of information management products and services. More >

How Square Payroll Plans to Save SMBs Money and Time

Square has added another service to its impressive list of offerings for small to midsize businesses: Payroll. More >

Biometric Security Measures Put Slow Squeeze on Passwords

The key is to anticipate the problems and challenges of the replacement biometric technologies and choose the right path. More >

Capriza Simplifies Mobilization of Existing Enterprise Applications

Mayank Mehta, VP of product for Capriza, says other tools for generating mobile apps based on existing app code don’t make it simple to capture and extend the workflow surrounding the legacy application. More >

Analysis of the HP Split: Why Does Anyone Think This Is a Good Thing?

Other than some likely hidden executive incentives and potential short-term stock benefits resulting from possible overvaluations, analyst Rob Enderle says he can’t figure out how anyone can think this is good. More >

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Projects: Planview’s ‘No Matter How You Work’ Approach

Planview Senior Vice President of Management Louise Allen says enterprises and small teams are realizing how much collaboration is falling through the cracks.

More >

Dealing with Interruptions: Recognize the Seriousness of the Problem

Time management expert Edward Brown explains the various types of interruptions experienced on the job and how they affect the work day.

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MacKeeper Has More Work to Do to Clean Up Its Act

A spokesperson from Kromtech Alliance explains how MacKeeper ended up with a tarnished reputation and what the company is doing to fix it.

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Ten Top-Paying Tech Security Jobs

According to a new analysis of Dice salary data, the need for security professionals has translated into salaries for certain tech professionals that greatly exceed the baseline for tech-pro salaries.

Rick Perry, Undervalued Executive Skills, and Too Many Jerks

Even though we talk a lot about collaboration and managerial skills, says Rob Enderle, we don't actually look for the correct soft skills in the C-suite often enough.

Five Trends Shaping the Future of IT

Five technology and operational trends that will help corporate IT organizations deliver better business outcomes via the optimal use of technology.

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