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Salesforce Adds Two-Way Video Chat to Service Cloud

Customers can now literally show service technicians the issue they are having by holding their phone up to a device or application. More >

8 Uses of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for the Enterprise

Get a taste of what experts are thinking about in the realm of enterprise virtual reality and enterprise augmented reality. More >

The Enterprise Beckons as Age of Virtual and Augmented Reality Arrives

The increase in attention in VR and AR that is being generated by Oculus Rift and will be soon by other products will change the way business is done. More >

IT Vendors and the Uber Effect

An app-centric start-up can under-price and out-perform longstanding business models simply by connecting existing services in new and innovative ways. More >

Citrix Bolsters Workspace-as-a-Service Strategy

Citrix continues to provide a steady stream of updates to its core technologies. More >

How Germany’s SAP Managed to Secure Classified U.S. Government Business

SAP NS2's president and CEO talks about the company's interesting backstory. More >

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How Germany’s SAP Managed to Secure Classified U.S. Government Business

SAP NS2's president and CEO talks about the company's interesting backstory.

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Accommodating Cultural Nuances in a Global HR Software Deployment

When choosing performance evaluation software, many HR organizations overlook the cultural element.

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‘Away from Control’ Dimension of 3D Printing Raises IP, Other Concerns

Difficult issues need to be resolved in order for 3D printing to become mainstream.

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Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2016

Cybersecurity Ventures recently announced their Q2 2016 Cybersecurity 500, a directory of the 500 hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies to watch this year.

LinkedIn Open Sources Distributed Object Storage Software

LinkedIn developed Ambry because it could not find a storage solution that addressed horizontal scalability, availability and active-active data center configurations.

5 Data Warehouse Design Mistakes to Avoid

If you are designing a data warehouse, you need to map out all the areas where there is a potential for your project to fail, before you begin.

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10 Hot New Tech Gadgets

Security Staffing

Check out some of these great finds, including unlimited external storage for iOS devices, laptops and desktops; a Bluetooth-enabled, interactive speaker, earbuds, a versatile 2-in-1 tablet; and charging options for mobile devices.

 More >

Citrix Bolsters Workspace-as-a-Service Strategy

Brocade Moves to Automate Network Management

IT Vendors and the Uber Effect

Is HPE Done? CSC Deal Another Nail in the Coffin


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