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What Does the Cloud Really Cost? We’ll Probably Never Know

The sad fact is that it may be impossible to determine the true TCO of a cloud solution because of the constantly changing nature of the emerging digital infrastructure. More >

5G: It’s About the Use Cases

The idea of pushing 5G as a landscape in which conditions are created where a universe of as-yet-undefined services can be established and flourish puts less pressure on the industry. More >

Five Ways to Prepare for the Enterprise Cloud

Explore how enterprises can ease into the cloud without putting their most important applications at risk of a costly failure. More >

Adatao Releases Machine Learning Software Stack

The Adatao Data Intelligence Platform is a comprehensive software stack that includes a predictive analytics engine and dashboards to query data stored in the platform. More >

Verizon Chooses Its SDN Vendors

The evolution of SDNs is not unlike other technologies: The excruciatingly complex standards process drones on while deals are made. More >

Don’t Give Up on the Private Cloud Just Yet

Part of the problem that many organizations are having with their private clouds stems from a misunderstanding of their key benefits. More >

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Cloud-to-Cloud Integration to Enable IoT: What About Standards?

One Internet of Things expert gives his views on the lack of standards today and what that means for companies getting into IoT in the cloud.

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CIO or CTO: Which One Will Survive the Cloud and Keep a Seat at the Table?

One tech CTO provides an intriguingly candid assessment of the current and future roles of the CIO and the CTO as they change in the face of the cloud.

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Growing Adoption of Public Cloud Services Boosts Need for Hybrid Cloud Management

How to best manage that hybrid environment becomes one that an increasing number of IT pros will have to be able to answer.

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The 10 Fastest-Trending IT Skills: Spring 2015

If you look a little deeper, you'll find a group of lesser known skills that are gaining momentum and popularity with employers.

Before You Take the Job: Get to Know Your Future Manager

When interviewing for a new position, it can be tough and at times nerve-wracking to try to divine if the potential manager's style and team would be the right fit for you.

Editor's Choice

Five Key Takeaways for Developing with Redis

Security Staffing

Redis, an open source data structure server, has proven to be one of the most popular options with developers among a bevy of modern database options for speed and performance.

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Adatao Releases Machine Learning Software Stack

Poor Consumer Password Hygiene Affects the Workplace

Verizon Chooses Its SDN Vendors

Microsoft Build 2015: Initial Takes


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