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A Reboot for VMware?

What do you do when you once held a dominant position in a lucrative market like IT but the technology revolution you started has passed you by? More >

SAP Ties Data Warehouse to HANA Database

Coupling its data warehouse more tightly with the SAP HANA in-memory database, SAP today unveiled an implementation of that data warehouse that only runs on HANA. More >

Cisco Acquires Container Management Platform

The debate over when and how containers will be deployed inside the enterprise is just now starting to get fired up. More >

Dell Unveils Framework for Unifying IT Infrastructure

The Dell Validated System for Virtualization will eventually lead IT organizations down the path toward physical converged and hyperconverged systems. More >

There’s More than One Way to Scale Your Storage

Organizations need to ramp up their data handling and storage capabilities or find themselves on the losing end of the service-based economy. More >

Tegile Systems Taps into NVMe to Scale Flash Storage

IntelliFlash Cloud Platform takes advantage of high-speed memory-to-memory transfer enabled by NVMe. More >

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SMBs’ Cloud Goal: Simplicity

The growth of cloud services is, in essence, the great leveler between small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

More >

What’s Driving the Deep and Growing Cloud/SMB Relationship

Techaisle Founder and CEO Anurag Agrawal discusses findings from research on how and why SMBs are using cloud: As an essential part of infrastructure, it addresses a need for certainty and control over operations and costs.

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What You Need to Know About Outsourcing Enterprise Facilities Management

“Green computing” and efficient operations are inseparable. Whether or not you call it something that makes for a good bumper sticker, it’s all about efficient enterprise facilities management.

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Why Fog Networking Is Key to IoT Success

The IoT will require serious network investments to make its innovation potential a reality. Take a closer look at fog computing and why it is essential to making IoT a success.

HP Inc: Surprisingly Good Financial Results That Shouldn’t Have Been Surprising

Success in a company starts with a stable, loyal qualified executive team, followed by a lack of complexity in the business model and the requisite focus.

Beyond Email: 5 Alternative Ways to Fall Victim to Ransomware

While most ransomware reports have focused on phishing as the conduit for infection, organizations can fall victim in alternative ways.

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