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Dell EMC Keynote: Let the Transformation Begin

19 Oct, 2016

Who knew that the saying, “Go big or go home” could actually become a workable strategy, as it has for Dell. ...More >

At Dell EMC World -- The Contrast with HPE Is Stark

19 Oct, 2016

We are basically seeing a fight, not so much between two companies, Dell EMC and HPE, but two very different concepts. ...More >

Fixing the IoT Problem: Stringify

13 Oct, 2016

Regardless of whether you use Stringify to create your IoT solution, it forms a good benchmark for where the market wants to go and how far most still need to go to realize the IoT promise. ...More >

The Big Problem with IoT: The 'Things' Is Really 'Thing'

12 Oct, 2016

With the IoT, what most folks actually have is a thing that connects to the internet, which isn’t remotely interchangeable with interoperability.   ...More >

Yahoo and How You Know You Have a Bad Legal Team

05 Oct, 2016

The purpose of legal counsel is to assure that the least risky path is taken to achieve a viable goal and that the firm can be rigorously, legally and effectively defended if attacked. ...More >

Donald Trump, CEOs and the Argumentative Theory Problem

03 Oct, 2016

In extremes, this behavior can drift to a violent rejection and attack on anyone who has what may be a better idea. ...More >

Remember the Customer: Fixing the Mercedes-Benz European Delivery Program

29 Sep, 2016

Everything we do in the event and customer visit space should somehow be connected back to something that will turn customers and stakeholders into advocates. ...More >

BlackBerry and the Lesson That the Technology Market Fails to Learn

28 Sep, 2016

Tech giants could take a valuable lesson from The Art of War when they choose how to structure their market battles. ...More >

IBM Edge Day Two: The Power of the Individual

20 Sep, 2016

A roundup of the second day at IBM Edge 2016. ...More >

The Ironic Outcome of Outthinking Status Quo for IBM

20 Sep, 2016

IBM's success will be tied not only to how well it provides tools to customers but how well it uses the tools itself. ...More >

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