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Windows 10 Is Dead on Mobile? Not So Fast.

27 Feb, 2015

...More >

Can BlackBerry Fix Android for Work?

26 Feb, 2015

While this collaboration doesn’t fix Google’s security problem completely with Android, it does potentially reduce it significantly. ...More >

Dell Labs Is Helping Create the Future

19 Feb, 2015

The most important part of the Dell lab effort isn’t what the lab is working on, as that will change over time, it is that the lab exists at all. ...More >

Is the U.S. Government a Cyber Threat?

17 Feb, 2015

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are a powerful set of perceptions, and the kind of malware created by The Equation Group spreads FUD like the plague, potentially doing billions of dollars of damage to the U.S. tech market. ...More >

Customer and Employee Ranking: Why Not?

13 Feb, 2015

What if we ranked everything based on value to the company? ...More >

Windows 10 Could Force Us to Rethink the PC

10 Feb, 2015

Windows 10 provides the opportunity to again select one platform even though we are never going to put the massive diversity of hardware back into the bottle. ...More >

Is Your CEO Next? The Data Ticking Time Bomb

05 Feb, 2015

Just because we don’t want to protect things like email and user downloads, it doesn’t mean that this practice won’t bite us. ...More >

VCE Becomes Flexible

04 Feb, 2015

Customers that have deployed VCE have had one consistent and unusual story to tell. No one seems to believe it will work -- until it does. ...More >

BMC-CDB Merger: The Magic Is in the Process

28 Jan, 2015

All mergers are not alike. BMC didn't buy the company in its acquisition of CDB. It bought the assets and hired some of the people. That makes a world of difference. ...More >

Lenovo X86 Servers: The Advantage Is Simplicity

27 Jan, 2015

You really don’t get a sense for how difficult it is to get things done in a large complex company until you take a division like this and set it off on its own. ...More >

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