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Chip Wars: Looking at the Strategies of AMD, IBM, Intel and Qualcomm

26 Mar, 2015

Four big players are taking four very different paths to success. ...More >

Could NVIDIA Be the Key to IBM’s Effort to Take on Intel?

24 Mar, 2015

NVIDIA is clearly positioning itself as the company at the heart of the next wave of analytics platforms and it doesn’t like Intel very much. ...More >

OpenPOWER: The First Fight Isn’t Intel, It’s ARM

19 Mar, 2015

Rob Enderle doesn't think OpenPOWER will have much trouble rolling over ARM on servers. There is simply too much of an imbalance. ...More >

Dell, VMware, NVIDIA Use Tesla Model to Change Personal Computing Forever

18 Mar, 2015

The three vendors are targeting the correct customer group for the first ISV-certified virtual workstation appliance solution. ...More >

The Changing Nature of VCE

12 Mar, 2015

We should end up with a definitive answer as to whether the VMware or Cisco SDN solution is truly better at scale once the VxBlock systems are in production. ...More >

Keeping the CIO from Being Fired and Preventing the Next Snowden

11 Mar, 2015

Executives need to consider how data protection tools benefit both the organization and their own positions. ...More >

Could Intel and a Game Make You a Better Executive?

06 Mar, 2015

Nevermind not only showcases some of what is coming in gaming, such as Intel’s RealSense camera, but also the very real benefits of having women contributing in the industry. ...More >

Could the Next-Generation Thin Client Come from Computer Gaming?

05 Mar, 2015

We could eventually see the NVIDIA Shield console as the preferred replacement for our desktop PCs. ...More >

Windows 10 Is Dead on Mobile? Not So Fast.

27 Feb, 2015

The danger here is that making a prediction without enough information can lead to the wrong conclusions. ...More >

Can BlackBerry Fix Android for Work?

26 Feb, 2015

While this collaboration doesn’t fix Google’s security problem completely with Android, it does potentially reduce it significantly. ...More >

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