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The Three Laws of Analytics

22 Jun, 2016

Remember the “Three Laws of Analytics,” or simply remember that the answer should follow the analysis, not define it. ...More >

You Have an Amazing New Enterprise Product, but How Do You Sell It?

21 Jun, 2016

Your product is ahead of the curve, addresses some critical problems, and is well funded. So how do you fix the “it isn’t selling” part? ...More >

Apple Kicks It Up at WWDC: Great for Users, Not Enough to Grow Market Yet

14 Jun, 2016

A renewed focus on users should pay off for Apple, says analyst Rob Enderle, but business features seem to be underplayed at this point. ...More >

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn, Focuses on Users Again

13 Jun, 2016

By acquiring LinkedIn, Microsoft tries to reverse its biggest mistake: moving away from users and focusing almost exclusively on IT buyers. ...More >

How to Get Started with IoT

09 Jun, 2016

Most of you will likely wake up one morning to find that your IoT tech is misbehaving, with the only viable solution to unplug and replace it. ...More >

HPE’s The Machine: Nice Promotion for IBM Watson, But Not HPE

07 Jun, 2016

In its attempts to market The Machine, HPE showcases the kind of questionable decisions public companies continue to make. ...More >

Microsoft’s Windows Holographic: The End of Everything as We Know It

03 Jun, 2016

Windows Holographic is potentially not only a new interface into computing, but a potentially a new interface to the world around us. ...More >

IBM Aggressively Moves to Software-Defined Everything

02 Jun, 2016

IBM's Spectrum Computing is an interesting indication of where the enterprise IT industry is aggressively going. ...More >

Hillary Clinton’s Email, CEOs and Corporate Policy

27 May, 2016

Clinton’s policy violation brings to mind CEO behaviors in which the top person in a company thinks that rules don’t apply to him or her. ...More >

Is HPE Done? CSC Deal Another Nail in the Coffin

25 May, 2016

Over the last decade or so, stock ownership has largely moved from individuals to hedge funds and other investors whose interests are tied to quarterly performance. This is driving decisions like this and it doesn’t bode well for many public firms. ...More >

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