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BMC’s CEO Bob Beauchamp and the Art of a Turnaround

02 Sep, 2015

Whether you are buying from, working for, or investing in a firm doing a turnaround, looking for these key elements will help you decide whether you are investing in a viable future or a certain disaster. ...More >

GRID 2.0: A Huge Technology Jump, but Wait Till You See What’s Coming

01 Sep, 2015

The second generation of NVIDIA GRID is an impressive improvement, but we’ll likely see the biggest advancements come in the future when we finally realize that where the computing is done isn’t as important anymore. ...More >

BlackBerry and WatchDox: 9/11 and Our Sadly Ironic Security Conundrum

26 Aug, 2015

If we were talking exposures for the PC platform and a similar dearth of tools, this class of product would be seen as critical to the security of the firm, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. ...More >

Where Dell’s Professional 34” Curved Monitor Might Work Best

25 Aug, 2015

Dell's 34" professional curved monitor might not be for everyone, but as Rob Enderle found out, it has definite applications for several industries. ...More >

Intel’s Secret Weapon Gives Glimpse of Maker Robotic Future

20 Aug, 2015

Intel wants to be a big part of the future and that is why Intel’s CEO and its secret weapon futurist ethnologist are so focused and excited about the maker movement. ...More >

Jeff Bezos’ Confirmation Bias Could Kill Amazon: A Teachable Moment

18 Aug, 2015

Jeff Bezos seems to have on blinders. The New York Times' expose on the internal environment at Amazon should be a huge wake-up call for him instead. ...More >

How Clinton’s Email Defense Strategy Could Get You Fired or Worse

14 Aug, 2015

Generally in organizations both public and private, assume inside information is at least confidential unless it has been officially declassified, and even then make sure that this wasn’t a mistake if it looks like it should have been classified. ...More >

The Problem and Promise of Intel’s Diversity Report

12 Aug, 2015

Firms like Apple and Microsoft would never hire people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates in today’s market. But fixing this issue should be a higher priority than it is. ...More >

Google Is Dead, Long Live Alphabet: Google/Alphabet’s Creative Organizational Move

11 Aug, 2015

Rob Enderle says impending fines and investigations may have started the Google split idea, but executive retention and flexibility also played a big part. Now to see if it works. ...More >

Tech Partnerships and Consortiums: Why Most of Them Suck

06 Aug, 2015

Even if the firms are aligned today and like each other, one executive change, acquisition, product expansion or unplanned additional partnership can blow it up, and the more firms that are involved in the effort the more chance there is for it to go south. ...More >

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