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Formula E: Showcasing Technology Competitively

19 Jul, 2017

Of the two technology vendors that support this race, Qualcomm and Panasonic, Qualcomm had a good showcase. Panasonic, on the other hand, was working against itself. ...More >

Hardened PCs: How Dell Is Using Sun Tzu to Kick Panasonic out of the Market

14 Jul, 2017

If Panasonic doesn’t get its act together, it will be out of this lucrative hardened PC market in around a decade. ...More >

AMD and Intel Declare War on the Data Center: Why This Is a Good Thing

11 Jul, 2017

AMD’s and Intel’s battle is the big tip of an iceberg of coming conflicts as the IT industry continues to pivot toward line of business decision makers and efforts like AI, which will again redefine how companies do business. ...More >

Microsoft Pivots Windows 10 Toward Security: Revisiting a Near Catastrophic Mistake

07 Jul, 2017

Treating security as an afterthought is a bad idea. It has taken Microsoft decades to undo this bad decision, and now we are finally seeing the benefits of that reversal, in what is becoming a very secure platform with Windows 10. ...More >

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Authority vs. Responsibility

03 Jul, 2017

Making a team responsible for an entire project doesn’t work unless they have the authority over the entire project, as well. ...More >

Over 70 Percent of IoT Efforts Are Failing: The Fix Seems Surprisingly Easy

28 Jun, 2017

With the IoT in particular, really understanding the problem you are trying to solve and simplifying the effort at the front end would likely have a bigger initial positive impact. ...More >

Cisco Live: The Rebirth of the Network

27 Jun, 2017

Cisco is in the midst of a rather impressive change, taking its skill to focus AI efforts where they would be the most effective. ...More >

Lenovo and Conceptualizing Future Defined Data Centers

22 Jun, 2017

While it is easy to get lost in the sheer number of products Lenovo announced and lose track of the strategic aspect of the announcement, Lenovo appears to be offering something targeting the needs of the 2020 enterprise rather than the 2017 enterprise. ...More >

Cisco Launches the Digital Transformation Missing Link

21 Jun, 2017

Cisco is defining a new class of intelligent network, which can determine the intent of an organization with regard to the network, understand the context and, using machine learning, intuit what needs to be done. ...More >

Why Uber’s Sweeping Changes Will Likely Make Things Worse: Optics over Progress

15 Jun, 2017

Until Uber works to fix the internal behavior that is at the core of its problems, real progress in making the company even a safe place to work will likely fall short. ...More >

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