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OpenPOWER Foundation vs. Intel: The Interesting Contrast of Business Models

30 Sep, 2015

The business model may be more powerful than the technology, and we have an interesting battle brewing between Intel and IBM. ...More >

BlackBerry’s Coming Android Phone

29 Sep, 2015

The market needs a secure line of phones that have a competitive number of apps. Since you can’t license iOS and Windows 10 for the phone doesn’t yet have critical mass, this leaves Android, but only if it can be made secure. ...More >

Why BMC’s Win in Markman Hearing Suggests ServiceNow Customers May Be Exposed

23 Sep, 2015

In a patent case, the Markman hearing is one of the most important, and BMC just won one against ServiceNow. ...More >

The Long Term Strategic Problem of a Lock-In Strategy

22 Sep, 2015

As Apple continues with its strategy of locking in customers with its products, Rob Enderle reminds us why such a strategy can also be bad for business. ...More >

BMC vs. HP: Scoring the Potential Success of a Tech Turnaround

17 Sep, 2015

Analyst Rob Enderle has scoring method to determine whether a turnaround is going to be successful. ...More >

Symphony: A Secure, Collaborative Messaging Platform for Today

16 Sep, 2015

A new communications workflow platform, Symphony, has launched and it may just replace email in many markets that require strict compliance and regulation of communications. ...More >

Lessons on Bad Management from the Presidential Primaries

11 Sep, 2015

Rob Enderle has noticed that both of the current front runners are demonstrating horrible personal traits that can be company killers in senior management, let alone in the CEO’s office. ...More >

BlackBerry and Good Technology Merger: The Big Advantage

10 Sep, 2015

BlackBerry's acquisition of Good Technology should prove a positive merger for BlackBerry and the people, products and services it will gain. ...More >

Apple vs. Microsoft Tablet Wars: Surface Steps Up with Dell, Accenture

08 Sep, 2015

Microsoft’s path is harder, but then Apple is going to resist the easier path it has, which is what makes this a race. ...More >

BMC’s CEO Bob Beauchamp and the Art of a Turnaround

02 Sep, 2015

Whether you are buying from, working for, or investing in a firm doing a turnaround, looking for these key elements will help you decide whether you are investing in a viable future or a certain disaster. ...More >

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