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Making Gartner Obsolete: Ombud Update

09 Feb, 2016

In the end, what makes Ombud interesting is that it starts with the value proposition. IT wants the best services for the least money, vendors want to sell with increasing profitability. ...More >

Windows 10 Forced Upgrade: Fighting Decades-Long Institutional Insanity

03 Feb, 2016

If you put aside safety, it is easy to argue that a user-focused company should let users run whatever version of the OS they want to run. But we have to consider security now. ...More >

The Magic Behind IBM Champions

01 Feb, 2016

IBM’s Champions are a core part of showcasing how an advocacy program interconnected with social tools drives change both inside and outside of an organization. ...More >

Did Cisco Prove Bill Gates Wrong on Social Responsibility?

29 Jan, 2016

For every company that makes a product that fulfills a critical need like communications, there is likely a convergence between what those products do day to day and what they mean to those in critical need. ...More >

The New BlackBerry: Kicking It Up Several Notches on Security and MDM

26 Jan, 2016

As part of its fight to return to relevance, BlackBerry has embraced other platforms this week. ...More >

Intel Releases Skylake for Business but Will IT Get That Passwords Are Dead?

20 Jan, 2016

If you are deploying Skylake for Business, turn on and require the included authentication technology. Don’t be the cause of your CEO’s fall. This should be obvious. ...More >

Windows 10 Showcases a Change in Microsoft Focus and Users Win

19 Jan, 2016

We are moving to a future that is much like the birth of the PC market, far more focused on the needs and requirements of the users and the PC OEMs. ...More >

Maybe the PC Is No Longer a Physical Device But a Cloud Concept

15 Jan, 2016

Even though PCs have undergone changes, buyers and investors still conceptually see them much like they were in the 80s and 90s. ...More >

Becoming One with Innovation: Cisco’s Toronto Innovation Center

13 Jan, 2016

Cisco’s new Toronto Innovation Center is an impressive showcase of how to use technology to not only save money but to create a far more attractive and flexible workspace.  ...More >

Why Silicon Valley Is Unlikely to Help with Government ISIS Request

08 Jan, 2016

If you are actively destroying someone’s ability to earn a living, asking them for any help is not likely to be very successful.  ...More >

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