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In Microsoft Surface Dust-Up, Consumer Reports Has the Bigger Problem

18 Aug, 2017

Quality is important and it needs to be. But those reporting on quality also need to ensure the quality of their reports, the sampling methodology and timeliness. ...More >

BlackBerry and Vuzix Partner to Make AR More Secure

15 Aug, 2017

Increasingly, AR glasses will become a requirement, not only for increased productivity in certain jobs but also for increased safety. ...More >

Google’s Employee Manifesto Failure: Fixing Discrimination Should Start with Analysis

09 Aug, 2017

If we ever truly wanted to fix something like salary discrimination, we’d come up with a scientific method for measuring employee value. ...More >

IBM Moves to Scale Deep Learning

08 Aug, 2017

IBM has a decent shot at owning the emerging deep learning segment but only because it focused early and created the kind of deep partnership with NVIDIA that was needed to get the job done. ...More >

HBO Hack: How Did They Let It Happen?

04 Aug, 2017

At HBO, many people are probably wondering if they’ll have jobs at the end of the month, because it is doubtful the HBO board or executive staff is in much of a forgiving mood given the coverage. ...More >

AMD’s Petaflop Project 47: Dialing Computing Up to 11

03 Aug, 2017

AMD's Project 47 represents a massive performance boost for those who need centralized workstation capability or shortened render speeds. Eventually it will likely be used for AI development and deployment. ...More >

The Scary Reasons Technology Vendors Don’t Use Their Own Technology

28 Jul, 2017

When technology vendors don't use their own products, you must ask serious questions about why that is the case. ...More >

Corrupting Analytics: In Trump’s Voter Fraud Effort, Both Sides Are Wrong

27 Jul, 2017

You’d think we’d catch on that data is our friend. But often we care more about appearing right than being right. This can be avoided by not taking a hard position before the analysis is done. ...More >

Black Box Thinking: How to Fix the Mistakes Killing Our Companies and Loved Ones

21 Jul, 2017

Many efforts fail repeatedly when too much focus is put on blame, and not enough on assuring mistakes aren’t repeated. ...More >

Formula E: Showcasing Technology Competitively

19 Jul, 2017

Of the two technology vendors that support this race, Qualcomm and Panasonic, Qualcomm had a good showcase. Panasonic, on the other hand, was working against itself. ...More >

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