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Dell/EMC vs. HP/Compaq: Night and Day Merger Difference

03 May, 2016

In the end, HP/Compaq was a lesson on how to not do a large merger. Dell/EMC should be a lesson in how to do one. ...More >

EMC World Keynote: The Handoff Between Tucci and Dell

02 May, 2016

Analyst Rob Enderle sees the handoff as elegant and well received, and the structure of the new firm well-articulated. ...More >

The Hidden Importance of an IT Analytics Tool Like BMC TrueSight Intelligence

27 Apr, 2016

If IT can learn to use and value analytics tools themselves, they can better perform one of the critical bridge roles they have traditionally had: helping users learn to properly use the tools they are given. ...More >

Why Intel and Microsoft’s Mobile Efforts Failed

26 Apr, 2016

The number of people who have lost their jobs over the failed mobile effort at Microsoft and Intel is massive. ...More >

How a Secret Strategy Helps BlackBerry and Microsoft Solve Government’s Mobile Problem

21 Apr, 2016

Agencies needed BlackBerry-like security protections demanded by government and a SharePoint-like product that people would actually use. ...More >

Gartner and IDC Numbers Show that Dodging Blame Is a Losing Strategy

19 Apr, 2016

The IDC and Gartner numbers are out on HP and Dell and they're pretty telling. ...More >

OpenPOWER Makes Headway and a Little History

13 Apr, 2016

OpenPOWER is advancing far better as a consortium than it did when it was wholly owned by IBM and demonstrating yet another creative path to competing with an otherwise unbeatable foe. ...More >

Virtual Reality Is Really Better for Business

12 Apr, 2016

Full virtual reality is still some years away, but business doesn’t need full VR, it just needs the ability to improve on the tools it currently uses to transform ideas into something far more tangible. ...More >

I Saw the Future at NVIDIA’s Emerging Companies Summit

07 Apr, 2016

NVIDIA uses ECS to identify small companies that are using their technology in interesting ways and to help them get noticed and get funding. ...More >

NVIDIA and the Spark of Innovation

05 Apr, 2016

At GTC, NVIDIA has made a major jump from using technology to create entertainment to using it to alter our reality and change the world. ...More >

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