Worksoft Captures End User Application Interactions

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Most developers and IT professionals are for the most part making an educated guess when it comes to truly understanding how end users really interact with any given application. To provide better insight into those interactions, Worksoft this week announced that is has developed a tool that allows IT organizations to passively capture those interactions.

Launched at the Gartner Symposium/IT Expo conference, Worksoft Passive Capture is an extension of the company’s business process discovery software that can now be applied to specific individuals, says Greg Hammond, vice president of analytics at Worksoft and business-unit leader for its Analyze portfolio of software.

Hammond says the real issue that Worksoft is trying to address is the historic divide that exists between business units and IT. Instead of having to deploy a business analyst to try to explain what is happening inside any given process, the IT organization can use Worksoft Passive Capture to instantly better understand what’s occurring inside a particular process.


“It’s really a communications platform between IT and the business,” says Hammond.

While tools such as Workspace Passive Capture might not solve every communications issue between IT and business units, it does go a long way toward reducing the amount of time it takes for both parties to come to a common understanding. That may not necessarily result in that long sought after kumbaya moment between the two groups, but it should become a lot simpler to make sure everyone involved is actually talking about the same thing at the same time.




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Oct 18, 2016 12:31 PM James James  says:
Workspace Passive Capture is really a great step forward. I am sure this will help every business from small to a big one. While it is really important to understand the end user. What is more Workspace Passive Capture can for sure save money which is spent for analyzing of all the process. This is a bright example of a great and productive cooperation of extension and human. Reply

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