NopSec Updates Unified Vulnerability Management Service

Mike Vizard
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Beyond Protection: Security as a Business Enabler

One of the reasons that IT security has become such a nightmare is that most organizations not only don’t have a process in place to manage vulnerabilities, they are not even sure where to begin.

To help organizations begin to address IT security more consistently, NopSec created a Unified Vulnerability Remediation (VR) platform that is delivered as a software-as-a-service application that as of today has been upgraded with a new user interface and enhancement to the RESTful application programming interface (API) through which it automatically gathers vulnerability data.

Based on machine learning software that prioritizes vulnerabilities based on algorithms developed by NopSec, the primary issue that NopSec CEO Lisa Xu says the company is trying to address is the simple fact that most IT organizations are overwhelmed by the number of vulnerabilities that need to be continually remediated.


To address that challenge, NopSec delivers its consolidated security expertise as a service that helps organizations figure out the severity of a potential threat by analyzing how often that vulnerability is exploited by hackers.

Xu says NopSec works by pulling data from third-party scanning tools into its SaaS application environment. That data is then prioritized in a way that turns everything generated by these tools into something that resembles actionable intelligence. After that, it’s up to the leadership of that organization to make sure that a continuous remediation process based on that intelligence is put in place.

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