Kaybus SaaS Offering Rises to Meet the Challenge of Knowledge Automation

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One of the more challenging aspects of managing IT these days is that there are so many different repositories of information. Looking to provide an overlay for users to more easily navigate all those repositories, Kaybus today upgraded a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that adds support for mobile devices, dashboards and discoverable videos.

Kaybus CEO Seenu Banda says the Kaybus Knowledge Automation service takes advantage of the application programming interfaces (APIs) exposed by various repositories to make it simpler for end users to find information using natural language queries regardless of where the data is stored.

The Kaybus service, says Banda, is built on top of an implementation of the open source MongoDB document database, Hadoop and the open source Solr indexing engine. As a result, complex workflows that once took IT organizations anywhere from 150 to 200 hours to construct can now be created using SaaS, which provides a consistent user interface across all those data sources in about an hour, says Banda.


In addition, Banda notes that via Kaybus, organizations can apply analytics across that data in a way that makes all the data that a business collects much more valuable to the organization.

Organizations today truly struggle with information management. Multiple documents residing in various repositories make it exceedingly difficult to actually correlate information. Banda says the Kaybus Knowledge Automation service has been specifically designed to fill that knowledge gap between data sources.

Knowledge automation, of course, has long been a problem for IT. But thanks to the rise of open APIs and new classes of open source software that can be accessed as a service, knowledge can actually be automated after all.

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