IBM Extends Storage Reach into the Cloud

Mike Vizard
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Software-Defined Storage: Driving a New Era of the Cloud

Moving to make the cloud a seamless extension of data storage residing on premise, IBM today enhanced its IBM Spectrum Storage systems with features that integrate them better with backend services running on the IBM SoftLayer cloud.

Making use of REST application programming interfaces, the update to the IBM Spectrum Protect platform is now making it possible to store block data directly on the IBM SoftLayer cloud without having to make use of a cloud gateway.

At the same time, IBM unfurled a managed IBM Spectrum Accelerate service through which IBM provides access to block storage that runs entirely on the IBM SoftLayer cloud.

Jeffrey Barnett, portfolio manager for software-defined storage at IBM, says in both instances IBM is showcasing advanced deployments of software-defined storage technologies that are significantly more mature and robust than anything offered by its rivals. The challenge IBM faces, says Barnett, is actually getting customers to understand that these capabilities are robust enough to be deployed inside production environments today.


As software-defined storage continues to evolve in the age of the cloud, the line between where data is created and stored is definitely blurring. As that continues to occur, storage may soon become an instance of hybrid cloud computing almost by definition.

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