Decisyon Launches Application Suite for Managing Digital Businesses

Mike Vizard
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Tracing the Evolution of Business Intelligence Through the Rise of Embedded Analytics

The next generation of enterprise IT systems is being crafted in a way that will allow organizations to apply analytics with an eye toward affecting the outcome of a business processes in real time. The challenge with actually making that happen is that it requires IT organizations to stitch together a raft of emerging technologies to create a framework for building and managing a truly digital business.

This week, Decisyon announced the general availability of a suite of applications designed to accelerate that transformation. Decisyon CEO Ron Rose says Decisyon 360 is a suite of integrated applications that injects real-time analytics directly within business processes. Using data gathered from the multiple database silos that exist within every organization, Decisyon 360 allows business managers to more easily collaborate within the context of a very specific business process. Once a course of action is agreed upon, Decisyon 360 then enables business managers to take the next logical step, which is applying those analytics to dynamically optimize that business process. With each iteration of the process, Rose says decision making gets faster and becomes more accurate as the overall quality of the data being analyzed improves.

While providing an application for collaborative decision making (CDM), Decisyon 360 also generates a common metadata model on top of a real-time process engine. That engine leverages Web services and RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs) to dynamically adjust all the applications that might make up a process or workflow.

Rose says achieving the same result using alternative approaches requires the stitching together of a broad range of enabling technologies that an organizations would have to hire a small army of consultants and integrators to actually accomplish. Rose says that instead of trying to re-engineer existing systems, Decisyon 360 is designed to provide an overlay through which organizations can track key performance indicators (KPIs) and also act on them.

The ultimate goal of any digital business, says Rose, is to leverage analytics to reduce operational costs by flattening the layers of management needed to effect a business outcome. Of course, many are interested in making that happen, but they have not achieved consensus concerning the best way to actually execute a digital business strategy.

Interest in building truly digital businesses is naturally creating new opportunities for IT professionals. The issue most organizations are facing today is finding a way to make that transition in the simplest, most facile way possible. In that context, Decisyon is making the case for a suite of modular applications that can be deployed at any pace or level the business desires to achieve that goal.

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