Attic Labs Previews Lightweight Approach to Updating Structured Data

Mike Vizard
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Digital Integration: Overcoming Enterprise Data Challenges

It’s only when organizations find ways to efficiently share data that all the investments in IT really begin to pay off. Unfortunately, the way organizations share data remains fairly cumbersome.

Aiming to change that, Attic Labs, fresh off of raising $8.1 million, revealed today that it is working on a beta version of a Noms database that makes use of a lighter approach to sharing large amounts of structured data.

Attic Labs CEO Aaron Boodman says Noms borrows concepts pioneered by cloud services to create a way to better synchronize data so it can be easily queried and modified. Thanks to the rise of application programming interfaces (APIs), it’s now easier to share data than ever. Keeping that data current over time is a challenge unless there is some piece of software providing the equivalent of a database, which also makes it easier to keep track of updates to a data set.


Boodman concedes that Noms is more of a way to bring some order to decentralized structured data sets than it is a traditional database. The immediate goal, says Boodman, is to expose the concept to developers who, Boodman says, will hopefully incorporate Noms into a new generation of applications.




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