Agosto Gateway Turns Google Cloud Storage into a Network Drive

Mike Vizard
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While IT organizations are showing a lot of interest in cloud storage these days, many are not prepared to manage it. Not only is there complexity involved with actually setting it up, most providers of public cloud services are “faceless entities” in that they don’t provide much in the way of customer support.

Looking to fill a gap in the customer experience in the cloud, Agosto has launched the SkyKit Cloud Storage Gateway, an appliance that makes the Google cloud storage service appear to be just another network drive.

The SkyKit Cloud Storage Gateway can be managed by Agosto for a flat fee. Agosto President Aric Bandy says SkyKit is designed to allow organizations to take advantage of the low price per gigabyte of storage offered by Google without having to take on any of the complexity of actually managing it.

With pricing for cloud storage in the range of pennies per gigabyte, it doesn’t make sense for the average IT organization to not take advantage of cloud storage on some level.

In fact, the problem most organizations have with cloud storage these days has very little to do with the technology. The simple truth is that most organizations are just looking for a way to integrate cloud storage services in the simplest way possible. When the cloud becomes just another drive on the network, it couldn’t get much simpler than that.

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