Don’t Meet for Meetings’ Sake: Plan an Effective Meeting

Kim Mays

Contrary to popular belief, meetings can be a positive experience in the workplace. Although many reasons come to mind when you consider how meetings can be ineffectual, proper planning can keep meetings on track, on time and on point.

According to the Garbuz blog, one reason many people don’t like attending meetings is because they feel there is not a clear expected objective. Attendees are most frustrated when it seems like a meeting is wasting their valuable work time.

To host an effective meeting, an event or meeting leader should do a lot of upfront planning. The IT Download “Effective Meeting Checklist” provides an extensive list of meeting essentials. It starts with a list of preparatory items, continues with a meeting execution list, and finishes with a follow-up list of items to check off after the meeting concludes.

Download the checklist and use the items as a guide to plan your meeting and set your agenda. In the checklist, you will also find a list of points to include on your agenda, including:

  • Previous week’s achievements
  • Objectives and goals
  • Timeline of topics for discussion

This download provides details that work for all types of meetings. Everyone from top-level executives to IT staff can benefit from the informative list. Using the checklist can help most anyone put on a truly effective meeting that finishes on time, reaches desired goals, and allows time for all attendees to participate.

For tips on encouraging participation in meetings by everyone—including possible foreign employees—check out Don Tennant’s blog on the communication gap with IT and H-1B staff.

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Feb 12, 2014 2:38 AM jamiewilkins jamiewilkins  says:
Good post. Thank you for sharing. And yes, meeting are boring and often meaningless, but sometimes can be very useful. Lately I’m using a meeting minutes app that really makes my work more easier and the meetings less boring. By sending a meeting agenda, you don’t have to try guessing the purpose of the meeting anymore. I use this one , but there are other great tools like or Reply

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